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camera obscura: stockholm syndrome

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words in edgeways with tracyanne campbell of camera obscura

Tracyanne Campbell has discovered a new career strategy. “Maybe I’ll just start writing songs that I think everyone will hate,” she sniffs, partly with her characteristic dry sense of humour and partly due to the heavy cold she’s picked up on the plane back from SXSW. This statement is not unprovoked but a response to my never-ending questions about ‘James’, the emotional core of Camera Obscura’s latest album, My Maudlin Career. Described by Tracyanne as the “surprise song” of the album, it has rapidly become a fan favourite despite her prediction that it would be poorly received.

Let’s take a moment first to catch up on recent Camera Obscura history. When we speak, the band has just arrived back from a hectic mini-tour of the USA which encompassed five shows at SXSW and two in New York. For anyone thinking that SXSW is a glamorous event, Tracyanne is quick to point out that she had time to see only one band, and by that point was so frazzled that she now can’t even remember their name: “Gosh, that’s terrible.” Then again, you don’t last for ten years as a band with schedules as punishing as this without a wry appreciation for irony. 

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