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2010, a girl-group odyssey #1: marcella & the forget me nots
November 2, 2009, 10:02 am
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2010, a girl-group odyssey #1: marcella & the forget me nots

As the first decade of the 21st century draws to a close, a whole new breed of girl group is emerging from the darker enclaves of the UK to ruthlessly pursue a clear agenda: to rescue performance art from the ubiquity of bad burlesque, to reject the patriarchal standards of beauty that continue to enslave the women of the Heat generation, and to give those posturing indie boy bands that clog the charts a powerfully feminine heave-ho. Over the coming weeks, Wears The Trousers will be speaking to some of these artists to discuss their gynocratic ambitions to reign over music in 2010. There’s the eye-popping Gaggle, a 22-piece female alt.choir who dress in vibrant hooded cloaks and sing ritualistic, multilayered chants about vices, lacklustre men and circling birds over a rough-hewn, rudimentary instrumental backdrop; there’s Sisters Of Transistors, an Anglo–Icelandic group of four women who are eight-handedly (well, ten-handedly if you include their drummer and head of research, Graham Massey of 808 State) resurrecting the briefly popular 1940s attraction of Ladies Organ Quartets, a practice pioneered by one Lillian Meyers; and then there’s Marcella & The Forget Me Nots, who are a whole other kettle of fabulous lunacy, both in conception and in execution.

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the puppini sisters: forward to the 40s

interrupting yr broadcast: the puppini sisters
As Anja McCloskey discovers, these girls are not just a gimmick, they’re the forward sound of the Forties.

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issue four: thea gilmore

issue one cover issue one contents

FEATURING: thea gilmore, lisa germano, broadcast, the dresden dolls, the cardigans, joan as police woman, psapp, juana molina, the puppini sisters, emily haines, mia doi todd, nerina pallot, astrid williamson, amy wadge, inara george, lou rhodes, rainer maria, tender trap, stephanie kirkham and a fond farewell to sleater-kinney