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cat power, beth orton, gossip join lilith fair 2010 lineup

Lilith Fair organisers today announced a second wave of artists who have signed on to take part in this year’s revival of the all-female travelling festival. These include Cat Power, Beth Orton, Sia, Gossip, Norah Jones, Rosie Thomas, Frazey Ford of The Be Good Tanyas, Lissie, Missy Higgins, ’80s rockers Heart and the legendary Loretta Lynn. UK pop acts Kate Nash, La Roux and Marina & The Diamonds will also perform at select dates, which have yet to be announced.

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wears the trousers albums of the decade #75-51

part one part threepart four

Here’s the second part of our albums of the decade countdown, running from #75–51.

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Róisín Murphy

[EMI, 2007]

Of all the critical droolfests that failed to ignite on the commercial front this decade, Róisín Murphy’s second solo album is among the most inexplicable damp squibs. The ex-Moloko frontwoman may have shed the avant-garde experimentalism of her solo debut Ruby Blue in favour of full-on disco diva mode, set against a backdrop of thumping, shimmering state-of-the-art production, but it seems the world wasn’t ready to accept even Murphy’s toned down personality quirks. That’s a real shame for although Overpowered is not without its flaws, there is a sense of playful grandeur here that can easily toe the line with Goldfrapp at their most teasing.

Chris Catchpole

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po’ girl: deer in the night (2009)


Po’ Girl
Deer In The Night ••••

In an age where advertising cultivates a market into which it can sell its product – in other words, tells the consumer what she or he should need – popular music is a tool that’s ripe for exploitation. Records are products with an exchange value; we, as consumers, like to collect them, enjoy the artwork, the fact that we own a piece of the singer or band that we like; we develop relationships around these products, as a record collector may boast of their hard-to-find Raincoats EPs. And not only are these products commodities, so is the very notion of artistic expression and youthful rebellion.

We can all be a guitar hero on the PlayStation, even though we might have a beautiful shining electric guitar in the corner that we never play, and so the electric guitar has become the signifier for the notion and a commodity in its own right. And so rock ‘n’ roll and rebellion has become a commodity in its own right, and this is where Marx brings us to the conclusion: with popular music increasingly absorbed in the means of production, with its own exchange value, where do the impulses that created that music in the first place now lie? What relationship does a factory worker assembling Guitar Hero Fenders in China have to the culture that it signifies? Is it a question of rescuing those things that produced the music in first place, and can we break into new territory and redeem popular music? Maybe not.

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new po’ girl album coming in may
January 13, 2009, 10:48 am
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130109_pogirlFirst release with newly trimmed line-up announced

Often unfairly tagged as a Be Good Tanyas side project, Po’ Girl will have the chance to dodge that association altogether with their upcoming fourth album, due in May (April in the US). Multi-instrumentalist Trish Klein, the link between the two bands, quit Po’ Girl in late 2007, with violinist Diona Davies also departing. Deer In The Night sees founder members Allison Russell and Awna Teixeira recording for the first time under the Po’ Girl banner with new bandmate Benny Sidelinger (an “impossibly talented tickler/maker of all stringed things”) and LA-based percussionist Michael Jerome (“he lets the good times roll!”), who also assisted with production. (Allison and Awna quietly put out an album under the name of Sofia last year – so quietly in fact that even we didn’t notice!)

Recorded at Screen Door Studios in Austin, Texas, in June 2008, Deer In The Night sees Po’ Girl bring a fresh clarity to their self-styled urban roots music, distilling the seemingly instinctive interplay and magical chemistry between Allison and Awna into life-affirming, soulful jams. You’ll be able to witness (and dance to) said jams when the band return to the UK for a tour of small, local venues all over the country. Catch them at the following venues:

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norwegian spellemannprisen shortlist announced

030908_anebrunAne Brun, Marit Larsen and Maria Mena in the running

More Scandinavian awards news. Wears The Trousers favourite Ane Brun has been nominated for Best Female Artist at this year’s Spellemannprisen (aka Norwegian Grammys), which takes place in Oslo on January 24th. If she wins, it will be her third Grammy and the second in a row for her studio albums. [Allow us yet another plug for Changing Of The Seasons – it gets its long overdue UK release on February 2nd, with single ‘The Treehouse Song’ digitally issued the following week.] She could face tough competition, however, as Marit Larsen’s recent album The Chase was pretty nice too.

Completing the category are Ingrid Olava (new to us) and Maria Mena, whose fifth album (what? she’s only 22!) Cause & Effect was released back in September last year. Maria has also been nominated for Best Video for her single ‘All This Time’, while Ingrid has notched up a second nomination for Best Newcomer alongside Ida Maria (whose album Fortress Round My Heartreview – is being re-released later this month).

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free music friday: the be good tanyas (ish)

fmf_begoodtanyasSam Parton with Trish Klein
‘Love & Innocence’

When The Be Good Tanyas proclaimed last year that 2008 would eke out its months with absolutely no touring and almost certainly not a scrap of recording, there were tears in some households that shall go unidentified. Of course, they only meant with each other because they’ve certainly been busy. Sam Parton has guested on albums all over the place – Ferron, Irv Irving, King Wilkie, Rodney Decroo, and the Sumner Brothers – as well as producing the new Deb Hirkala album, Somebody Somewhere. Trish Klein, having left her other band Po’ Girl in late 2007, has been suspiciously quiet, cropping up rarely when performing alongside fellow Vancouver resident Ora Cogan. The Cogan connection also extends to explain what third member Frazey Ford has been up to…performing alongside Ora in a cappella blues and gospel quartet Cornerstone.

It was quite a surprise then when yesterday the Tanyas posted a brand new song called ‘Love & Innocence’ to their Myspace for free download. Credited to Sam Parton with Trish Klein, the song was written by Sam and features Trish on electric guitar and backing vocals, and Mark Beaty on bass. It’s essentially a demo and hasn’t been mixed or mastered, but, wow, it’s gorgeous. Centred around Sam’s refined and moving piano melody, it’s not a million miles away from the songs found on the Tanyas’ most recent album Hello Love, with Trish and Mark adding very subtle musical shading. A thing of hushed and delicate beauty. MP3 after the jump.

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