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chicks on speed: cutting the edge (2009)
June 24, 2009, 8:09 am
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Chicks On Speed
Cutting The Edge ••
SRD / Chicks On Speed 

Chicks On Speed are not just any old relic of electroclash, they are essentially an art project. Core members Melissa Logan and Alex Murray-Leslie met at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich over 10 years ago, and have since become the figureheads of a large and constantly changing collective of artists, designers and musicians. In the intervening years since 2004’s Push The Spacebar, the band has been incredibly busy with other creative endeavours, including curating 2006’s impressive Girl Monster (a three-disc collection of underground music made by women) and various installations at modern art Meccas like MoMA in New York and Centre Pompidou in Paris, plus filming projects, fashion collections and building “Objekt Instruments”, homemade noisemaking implements such as the high-heeled shoe guitars for which they humorously include building instructions on one track. It’s all the more impressive that they somehow found the time to make this new – and very long – double-disc record.

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