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juana molina: un día (2008)
October 27, 2008, 5:00 pm
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Juana Molina
Un Día •••½

In her home country of Argentina, Juana Molina is best known as the star of ‘Juana y sus hermanas’, a sketch show which appears to be pretty much the Spanish version of ‘Shoot The Writers’. Over here of course, she is best known as an exponent of electro tinged folk and world music – a label which Un Día (“one day”), her fourth album on indie giants Domino, proves to be woefully inadequate. The music found here, although bearing all the aesthetic trademarks of folk music, could not be less folksy. Coming across as more like an Autechre album played acoustically, it utilises vocal and acoustic guitar samples, chopping them up to create otherworldly dreamscapes of jittery guitars and overlapping voices.

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lettie: age of solo (2008)
October 13, 2008, 11:55 am
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Age Of Solo •••••

Despite being recorded in New York, Age Of Solo is a London album through and through. It would fit a meander around London’s streets better than any other city, with its upbeat quirkiness and towering skyscrapers of echoing synths; it’s almost in danger of sounding too cosmopolitan. This is saved by Lettie’s vocals. Having rapped her way through the first verse of epic opener ‘Hero’, her singing voice is revealed to be a perfect balance of sultry aloofness and delicate emotion that imbues each song with plenty of heartfelt warmth. It also helps that the songs have also been doused in layers of organic, gooey Moog synths that augment the solid, ever present rhythm section.

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