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Here’s the fourth and final part of our albums of the decade countdown, 25 albums so fantastic they should have sold millions (and, lo, some of them did!)…

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Shannon Wright
Maps Of Tacit

[Touch & Go / Quarterstick, 2000]

Distilling everything that was good about her former band Crowsdell and her first album flightsafety, and stripping them of their twee chirpiness and indie-pop sensibilities, Shannon Wright created her finest, and darkest, work in Maps Of Tacit. A multilayered tour de force, the guitar is aggressive without being brash and the creepy, stirring piano swirls with all the innocence and foreboding of a decaying calliope; the overall effect is both intricate and cinematic. Together with some creative use of sampled sounds, dense poetic lyrics and Wright’s alternately silky and caustic vocals, it all adds up to a delightfully chilling labour of love.

Terry Mulcahy

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peaches: i feel cream (2009)


I Feel Cream ••••

Nine years ago The Teaches Of Peaches turned a whole generation of unsuspecting electro kids into unbridled polysexual slaves, overseen by a stripped-down schoolteacher in spandex with a shock of mad curly hair and a penchant for covering her deviant following in mouthfuls of spat-out fake blood. Oh, and all of this while rapping some of the dirtiest rhymes ever written and throwing in facial hair, lots of balls and, reassuringly, a sense of humour. Peaches came to us like a much needed kick in the crotch, as fierce and disturbing as the result of Sandra Bernhard and Madonna put in the Brundlefly machine along with the entire cast of the ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’.

For an artist that arrived on the ill-fated electroclash wagon, Peaches has stuck around and held onto a solid fanbase by diversifying her sound, taking on slightly higher production values on Fatherfucker (well, it wasn’t produced in her bedroom between masturbation and marijuana sessions for starters) and a more conscious rock sound with Impeach My Bush. Undeniably provocative, Peaches is not an act that one could necessarily call broadly appealing and three albums worth of titty suckin’ and skittle diddlin’ can be exhausting stuff for even the most hardened of fans. Impeach My Bush notably showed signs of desperation in its unrelenting, frantic need to try out different styles while holding onto the message of sexual empowerment. Now it’s time for our fourth bite of the Peach and I Feel Cream finds her in esteemed company with production mainly from Simian Mobile Disco’s James Ford and contributions from Drums Of Death, Soulwax and Digitalism.

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trouser shorts: peaches, the gossip, love is all


In case you need a reminder why Peaches is just so damn well amazing, the Canadian electro-rocker has conveniently posted a mini-documentary recapping her career so far up on her website. Billed as “A Brief History Of Peaches”, the video features several clips from old TV interviews and plenty of performance footage of Ms Nisker in hotpants and knickers. Classic quote: “All of us have sex appeal and all of us feel sexy; it’s not just people who shave every part of their body, with blonde hair and big tits.”

Watch right to the end and you’ll catch a glimpse of what’s to come when the new Peaches album, I Feel Cream, is released on May 4th.

* * *

As tattle tale goes, this news is so yesterday, but it seems we will have a brand new Gossip album on June 21st. Pointedly titled Music For Men, the band’s fourth album will be their first for major label Columbia. Recorded in Malibu, California, and produced by Grammy-kissed studio boffin Rick Rubin, the album is said to feature, in Beth Ditto’s own words, “a shit-load of love songs”. Speaking to NME.com about the album, she said: “Writing down the tracklisting, we had about 14 songs and seven had the word ‘love’ in the title. I had no idea I was so romantic.”

The first single, ‘Heavy Cross’ will be released on June 15th. Tourdates are coming.

* * *

Fresh from last month’s long overdue UK release of their second album A Hundred Things Keep Me Up At Night, Love Is All have recorded a new covers EP made entirely of classic Swedish pop songs. Bearing the straightforward title Love Is All Play Swedish Covers, it finds the band repeating the formula followed for their Wishing Well +5 tour EP in which each of the five members got to pick one song to record without the input of their bandmates. The EP will be sold in a limited run of 200 copies on the band’s upcoming European tour, packaged with a small fanzine. Taking advantage of the new 10-song Myspace player, you can listen to all five covers here. Currently the band only have two UK dates, both in London:

09.05.09 Proud Galleries, London
10.05.09 The Lexington, London 

* * *

Listen to the new Annie single, ‘Anthonio’, produced by Richard X. Out on May 4th.

* * *

Stevie Nicks is apparently harbouring a desire to form “an all-girl choir” featuring Michelle Branch, Sheryl Crow and the Dixie Chicks’ Natalie Maines, she revealed to WWD.com. Currently in the midst of a lengthy US tour with Fleetwood Mac, Stevie also told WWD that she’d like to “do something crazy with Timbaland and Justin Timberlake” and revealed her love for R&B tunes that move her feet. The singer released her first live album in the UK last week; The Soundstage Sessions features 10 (of 18) songs recorded in front of a small audience in Chicago, including a duet with Vanessa Carlton on Bonnie Raitt’s ‘Circle Dance’ and a solo cover of Dave Matthews Band’s ‘Crash Into Me’.

* * *

Alan Pedder

download peaches mixtape, hear new songs!
February 17, 2009, 1:13 pm
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180908_peachesNew album I Feel Cream out in May

The nice people over at BIGSTEREO have posted a 35-minute mixtape containing juicy bits of songs from the long-awaited new Peaches album, I Feel Cream, mashed together expertly with some old classics and funny Peaches stories from various folks in between. Put together by ol’ voodoo-face Drums Of Death, one of the album’s many collaborators, the mixtape features first listens to ‘I Feel Cream’, ‘Buck You Like A Billionaire’ and ‘Lose You’. The title track harks back to ’70s disco, injected with a sharp Peaches rap to filth it up a bit. Mostly produced by Simian Mobile Disco’s James Ford (who is also producing Florence & The Machine’s debut album), I Feel Cream may also feature collaborations with Digitalism and longtime friend Gonzales. “It’s like a big variety show,” Peaches told Australian radio station Triple J last year, “There’s a ballad and then there’s some real hard stuff and some disco.”

UPDATE: A double A-side of ‘Talk To Me’ b/w ‘More’ is out on April 27, a week before the album (see below for tracklist). Peaches will unveil her new live show – which apparently includes a laser harp and is called ‘Every Little Defect Deserves RESPECT’ – when she takes to the stage at London’s Royal Festival Hall on April 10th as part of the Southbank Centre’s annual arts and music festival, Ether. 

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trouser press: björk, shirley manson and more

in today’s trouser press:
– Björk records new duet with Thom Yorke
– Shirley Manson wants women to rock more
– fans buy Kristin Hersh a new guitar
– Grace Jones wins Q award, gropes journalist
– more Peaches album news
– free Sia download 
– Katy Perry dishes the dirt on her preacher parents
– Janet Jackson back on the road after mystery illness 
– country women duet with Elvis, for Christmas!
– new advice-themed compilation features Jenny Owen Youngs and more

* * *

Unless you’ve been hiding under a big ol’ rock all year, you’ll probably have heard about the huge push to raise awareness of the threatened Icelandic environment propelled by writer Andri Snær Magnason’s influential book ‘Dreamland: A Self-Help Manual For A Frightened Nation’ that reached its peak in July with the Náttúra concert, the largest musical event ever seen in Iceland. Or so we thought. A new peak may about to be scaled with the imminent release of a surprise new duet between Björk and Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke, also called ‘Náttúra’, on October 20th. Described as “more of a protest and rallying cry than a lecture”, the song “highlights a grass roots movement in Iceland to reclaim the country’s natural resources and wilderness from the hands of big business and pollution.”

That’s all the information we have at the moment, other than that the song will be released through Björk’s long-time label One Little Indian, and, obviously, that it’s the second time these two musical greats have traded lines, the first being on the Oscar-nominated ‘I’ve Seen It All’ from the Selmasongs soundtrack to Lars Von Trier’s Palme d’Or-winning ‘Dancer In The Dark’. Oh, and that we’re officially excited.

For more background on Iceland’s environmental woes, which presumably loom even larger in the light of the country’s near-bankruptcy, read what Björk had to say on the matter earlier this year.

* * *

She may be busy terminating miserable lives as a shapeshifting baddie in the new series of ‘The Sarah Connor Chronicles’ but Shirley Manson still has time to share her opinions on the current crop of female musicians. Speaking to MTV, she lamented the present lack of powerful women in rock.

“We’re in a conservative era,” she said. “My era was insane, and there hasn’t been an influx of that since. It really upsets me. All the women are expected to be cute and pretty and fun and as super-unthreatening as possible. There’s a place for gorgeous girls making cute music. People want that, they need that, and I’m all for it. But I’m scared by the imbalance in music. There aren’t any females portrayed in a particularly empowered position, and that really disappoints me.”

Reserving particular distaste for the Pussycat Dolls and a cautious word about Katy Perry, she added: “It’s time for young girls to come up and challenge who is sitting on the throne. We want to see the young blood. The youth. The vigor. It’s time for change.”

With regards to Shirley’s solo career, it’s still on the cards and she’s even talking about doing some low-key surprise live appearances with her new band, made up of various friends. “I’m excited,” she said. “I think it’ll be new and fresh for me. I just want to make a noise.”

Read the full article here.

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trouser press: ane brun, peaches and more

in today’s trouser press:

– new Ane Brun video, Alphaville cover and CD release for Sketches
– inside scoop on the new Peaches album
– Goldfrapp to reissue Seventh Tree with a host of extras
– Nouvelle Vague founder gets all-woman cast to reinterpret ’80s film themes
– Low announce new single and festive shows
– White Hinterland go retro French for new EP
– more details about the new Pretenders album
– Amiina and others cover ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ songs
– KT Tunstall and others on new charity compilation
– Lioness announce debut EP
– fifth album on the way from Priya Thomas
– Amy Winehouse and Madonna immortalised in LEGO 

* * *

Following huge demand from her fans, Ane Brun will release a CD version of her new demos album Sketches, released as a digital-only treat a couple of weeks ago. You’ll only be able to buy it from her website, mind you. Get a copy from October 1st onwards.

In other Ane Brun news, the Norwegian singer-songwriter has released a cover of Alphaville’s ‘Big In Japan’, recorded for the soundtrack of Swedish TV documentary ‘Stor I Japan’. She says it’s on iTunes. We can’t find it. But it is on her website, as is her latest video collaboration with Magnus Renfors, this time for the sad, stunning ‘Don’t Leave’, the third single to be taken from the brilliant Changing Of The Seasons. Watch it here:

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