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ladyfest manchester: the review


As Ladyfest Manchester week at Wears The Trousers towers comes to a close, here’s our full review of last weekend’s entertainments. We’ll shut up about it now. Except you can still enter the competition until November 30th.

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tickley feather: tickley feather (2008)
October 8, 2008, 6:23 pm
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Tickley Feather
Tickley Feather ••
Paw Tracks 

As a record released by the same label who currently take care of Animal Collective, the album which lands on my doormat early one morning in September already has fairly impressive indie credentials. The eponymous record is essentially a diary by solo artist Annie Sachs, who works under the pseudonym Tickley Feather, providing an outlet for her experiences as a new stay-at-home mother to young son Aiden over the course of several years. But don’t expect heartfelt acoustic mumblings or “isn’t [s]he lovely”-esque schmaltz. This is aural art in the truest sense. Listening to this album, recorded entirely at home on Sachs’s four-track recorder, is very much akin to falling through a wormhole, Malkovich style, into the mind of a confused psychopathic four year old, an effect only heightened by the vocal contributions made by her young son.

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