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free music friday: lissy trullie
October 23, 2009, 9:39 am
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170809_lissytrullieLissy Trullie
‘Don’t To Do’

Everything about former model turned singer-songwriter Lissy Trullie oozes attitude, from her punchy cover of Hot Chip’s ‘Ready For The Floor’ to her kohl-rimmed eyes, boyish crop and penchant for bowler hats. It’s not surprising then that ‘Don’t To Do’, one of the new bonus tracks from her recently re-released EP Self-Taught Learner does little to dispel that image. Jangly, Strokes-style guitars swathe Lissy’s strutting, cocksure vocals as she spits out lyrics that are refreshingly clear cut. “I don’t hate you / I just don’t think I love you!” she snarls over Motown ‘woahs’, recalling the uncomplicated, Orange Juice-style indie pop songs of days long gone.

In the current crowd, Lissy Trullie has a spark of something different; her punk sensibilities and serious hipster credentials (Chloe Sevigny made an appearance in her video for ‘Boy Boy’, she’s currently touring with The Cribs, and she has a song featured in Megan Fox-fronted blockbuster ‘Jennifer’s Body’) should ensure she stands out from the crowd. And if not, I wouldn’t like to be the person who’s caught ignoring her. MP3 after the jump.

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lissy trullie to re-release debut EP
August 17, 2009, 9:02 am
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170809_lissytrullieExpanded set includes duet with Adam Green

Our review was rather underwhelmed by New Yorker Lissy Trullie’s debut EP Self-Taught Learner when it was first released a few months ago [review], so we’ll be cocking a cautious ear to the four new tracks that will bolster the newly announced reissue of said EP in October through Lissy’s new label Downtown Records. The most interesting among these is a cover of Biz Markie’s 1989 novelty hit ‘Just A Friend’, recorded as a duet with ex-Moldy Peach Adam Green, with whom she’ll be touring the UK in September now that her band has recovered from the bout of swine flu that forced them to cancel dates in June. The other songs are two new studio tracks and a previously unreleased demo. In addition to her tour, this autumn will see Lissy going into the studio with Bernard Butler to work on songs for her debut album, due out early next year. Meanwhile, her cover of Hot Chip’s ‘Ready For The Floor’ will feature on the soundtrack of ‘Juno’ director Diablo Cody’s latest movie, ‘Jennifer’s Body’. 

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sounding off: march 2009 (II)

The second batch of March mini-reviews: five more…

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White Flag ••••
Orange Twin

Folky songstress Madeline Adams has collected multifarious comparisons to other musicians online, and even after the shortest of listens it isn’t hard to see why. There seems to be some Regina in there, a bit of Joanna, and definitely more than a touch of Joni. There’s even a hint of ’90s country pop on the titular ‘White Flag’. Fortunately, Madeline’s own personality isn’t lost beneath the tumult.

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