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tickets for tiny laura marling show on sale today
March 4, 2010, 1:48 am
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Last month, we finally got our mitts on the artwork and tracklist for Laura Marling’s upcoming second album I Speak Because I Can, the first of two full-length releases she has planned this year, and we’re even happier to hear that the Hampshire folk darling will be gracing Camden Barfly on March 23 for what the club’s Fly Presents are accurately, tantalisingly calling an “intimate” gig. Tickets go on sale at midday today from barflyclub.com, but you may want to hedge your bets by taking part in a competition the club are running that goes live on Friday morning at www.the-fly.co.uk.

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incoming: laura marling
February 11, 2010, 4:48 pm
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Laura Marling
I Speak Because I Can

[EMI; March 22]

The final piece of the puzzle dropped into place today for Laura Marling’s forthcoming album I Speak Because I Can with the unveiling of the rather mysterious artwork you see above. The first of an intended two full-lengths for 2010, and one that’s already been drawing huge acclaim from those who’ve heard it, the album is one of the most eagerly anticipated releases of the Spring. Details have also emerged about the bonus content you’ll be able to find on the bonus DVD that comes with the special edition version: a 45-minute documentary, live performances from the Laura Marling & Friends show at the Royal Festival Hall last year [review], and the video for upcoming single ‘Devil’s Spoke’ (out March 15). What’s more, the DVD will allow access to an area of Laura’s website where tracks from many of the artists who appeared at the sell-out gig will be free to download.

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laura marling plans another album for 2010
January 19, 2010, 1:38 pm
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Laura Marling’s new album I Speak Because I Can may have been delayed for three weeks, pushing it back to March 22, but we suspect her fans will forgive her with the news today that Laura plans to release another album in September. While details surrounding the second release remain sketchy at present, we do know that recording will take place in March and that producer Ethan Johns, the man behind I Speak Because I Can, will helm the project once again.

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30 albums you need to hear this spring (III)

part one | part two

January is a month for looking forward as well as back. So while we are in the process of revealing our top 100 albums of the 2000s, this week we’ll also be taking a look at the 30 albums we are most excited about this Spring, in release date order. The new decade is getting off to a solid start as some familiar faces return and new ones jostle for recognition.

In this third and final part, we look at new releases from Ellie Goulding, The Knife, Laura Marling, Natalie Merchant, Emma Pollock, White Hinterland, Lou Rhodes, Goldfrapp, Dum Dum Girls and The Living Sisters, which brings us up to the end of March.

With April releases on the cards from Peggy Sue, She & Him and Sally Seltmann (formerly New Buffalo), there’s plenty more to look forward to then.

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wears the trousers albums of the decade #50–26

part one | part two | part four

Here’s the third part of our albums of the decade countdown, running from #50–26.

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Queen Adreena
Drink Me

[Rough Trade, 2002]

Casting aside the disparaging comparisons to “Kate Bush on crack” bestowed upon her in the wake of Queen Adreena’s debut album Taxidermy, KatieJane Garside upped the ante with Drink Me, tearing whatever hinges that were still attached right off with a blisteringly manic grunge-metal fervour. Among her Wonderland’s re-energised malice, the softer moments found Garside’s raging voice shrunk mouse-high, whispering seductively as if through the keyhole, or chillingly into a void. Richly imaginative and manically enjoyable, Drink Me remains one of the decade’s most vigorous and visceral thrills, disturbing to the very last note.

Alan Pedder

read our interview with KatieJane

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Q3: 50 most read reviews
October 4, 2009, 3:25 pm
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As we prepare to lose around 23 minutes of daylight in the coming week (arrgh!), it’s time to accept that autumn really has arrived. Thus it is also time to round up our big summer blockbusters, the top 50 most read reviews newly published in the last 3 months. Catch up on any you missed.

01 Laura Marling & Friends – Live at Royal Festival Hall
[Richard Steele, posted on 12/8]
02 Sally Shapiro – My Guilty Pleasure [Seb Law 29/7]
03 Wye Oak – The Knot [Charlotte Richardson Andrews 18/8]
04 Pete Yorn & Scarlett Johansson – Break Up [Alan Pedder 29/8]
05 Imogen Heap – Ellipse [P Viktor 20/8]
06 Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions – Through The Devil Softly
[Charlotte Richardson Andrews 31/8]
07 Marina & The Diamonds – The Crown Jewels EP [Richard Steele 2/7]
08 Whitney Houston – I Look To You [Chris Catchpole 30/8]
09 Dolores O’Riordan – No Baggage [Matt Barton 10/8]
10 Ingrid Michaelson – Everybody [Matt Bregazzi 31/8]

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laura marling & friends: live at royal festival hall 11/08/09


Laura Marling & Friends
Royal Festival Hall, London ••••
August 11, 2009  

Laura Marling is now such a respected and recognised name that not only can she sell out the Royal Festival Hall, she’s also allowed to bring some friends along for the evening. And not just any friends, but Wears The Trousers’ favourites Katy, Rosa and Olly from Peggy Sue, and the lovely Alessi Laurent-Marke (oh, and some boys too, most notably Andrew Bird, Johnny Flynn and Mumford & Sons). Walking onto a stage filled with mic stands, lamps and sofas, Laura’s tiny frame looked smaller than ever, but she’s clearly grown in confidence since her early gigs. Her boyish crop having been swapped for a longer, more sophisticated affair, she almost looks like Laura Marling’s big sister, despite being only 19. It’s not only her hair that’s grown; her voice has developed into a fuller, stronger version of itself, more than capable of holding its own in such an intimidating venue.

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