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sounding off: april/may 2009 (II)

Part II – reviews of Ora Cogan, Kap Bambino, Diana Krall and Lene Marlin.

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Ora Cogan
Harbouring •••½

Anyone lucky enough to have heard Ora Cogan live will be familiar with the Canadian singer-songwriter’s ability to create a distinctively fragile and haunted atmosphere using only guitar and her voice. Third album Harbouring ambles along the same quiet, contemplative lines as her live sets, though it often feels as if a little bit of magic has been lost in translation. This is a shame, as when Harbouring hits the right notes, metaphorically speaking, it truly soars, sounding like a long-lost cousin of Cat Power’s Moon Pix. This is especially so of the strong second quarter of the album, in which ‘You’re Not Free’, ‘True Heart’, and ‘My Belle’ work beautiful minor chords to devastating effect.

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kap bambino: zero life night vision (2008)
August 27, 2008, 2:25 pm
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Kap Bambino
Zero Life Night Vision ••
Alt < Del

The notorious duo that numbers Kap Bambino originally released this album in France in 2006, so there’s a slight air of old, hand-me-down jumper about this release. You know, like the old zip-up cardigan your mum made you wear in the ’80s. Nothing old cardigan about the music though: Zero Life Night Vision is more electro-punk meets sex meets a bloody-minded racket. If the Kap were an item of clothing they might be a sweaty day-glo thong, the kind that really chafes.

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