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drugstore: alive and gigging
September 5, 2009, 11:51 pm
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words in edgeways with isabel monteiro of drugstore

Comebacks are usually the preserve of rubbish pop bands and crap, aging rockers; rarely does a really good band return from the wilderness. Drugstore are different. Led by charismatic Brazilian-born vocalist Isabel Monteiro, the Drugstore sound was an intoxicating blend of menace, angst and otherworldly enchantment best indulged in during the darkest hour of a disintegrating, drunken night. Over the course of three albums, they fearlessly rode the mid- to late-’90s indie rock rollercoaster – including notable collaborations with Thom Yorke and Tindersticks – before they seemingly fell off and, well, simply disappeared. Yet rumours of Drugstore’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. They’re back, and play their first show in 8 years at London venue Dingwalls – the site of their last official gig in 2001 – this coming Monday. Isabel exclusively reveals to Wears The Trousers exactly what happened…

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rebels keep on truckin’: festival report


wears the trousers goes to truck festival 2009

Some festivals cater for weekend rebels – people who do festivals like they would do their gap year in the Far East, ticking it off as an experience fulfilled before gorging on the next cultural snack on their list. They are the future: the future accountants, the future lawyers and the future bankers. The coming establishment. Now in it’s twelfth year, Truck Festival at Steventon’s Hill Farm is different. Truck attracts rebels of the heart. Deep in rural Oxfordshire, by the real ale tent, local Rotary Club smoothie bar and the smelly barn, you’ll find the ones who are truly impassioned. Music really matters here.

Wears The Trousers braved the dodgy weather forecast and spent some time with some of the ladies appearing on Truck’s rebel playlist.

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god help the girl: god help the girl (2009)
July 3, 2009, 12:35 pm
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God Help The Girl
God Help The Girl •••½

Musicals have had something of a rough ride of late, tainted by populist Saturday night television and by people who mistakenly believe that going up the West End to see the latest Lloyd-Webber is high culture. So why would Stuart Murdoch, founder of one of the UK’s most innovative, leftfield bands, even bother with such potential a cheesefest? As the legend goes, the concept of God Help The Girl, an extravagant multimedia offering with a story arc told through film and music, preoccupied the Belle & Sebastian man for some time before he acted upon it, placing an advertisement for his girl-group idea that could also read as a Wears The Trousers battle cry – ‘Girl Singer Needed’. Like a twee indie-pop version of ‘X Factor’, Murdoch’s search unearthed the hitherto unheralded talents of Irish singer Catherine Ireton and several other gamine-like waifs with voices to match their beauty (hopefuls were of course required to include a photo).

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theoretical girl: live at cobham lodge, westcliff-on-sea 19/06/09
June 24, 2009, 8:03 am
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Theoretical Girl
Culture As A Dare @ Cobham Lodge, Westcliff-on-Sea ••••
June 19th, 2009 

I am in Essex searching for the young cultured rebels but I can’t find them anywhere – where are they hiding? The Southend Fringe has begun but nobody has told the locals. My only cultural encounter so far has come at the apostrophe-less Sunnys Café where a tattooed army man and the owner finished a tabloid crossword with a flourish of a betting shop pen. Whoever dares bring culture to this particularly English seaside ghetto is either very brave or very foolish, or perhaps both. Ah, but beware those first impressions. This is, after all, the seaside town that forgot to close down and conform to the Essex stereotype. A town that has nurtured Ipso Facto, The Horrors, Get Cape.Wear Cape.Fly, and now Amy Turnnidge aka Theoretical Girl.

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sad day for puppets: head over feet
June 14, 2009, 9:17 pm
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interrupting yr broadcast: sad day for puppets

Billie Holiday, Kiss, and a secret passion for Swedish folk music don’t sound like the usual inspirations for a band most often associated with the type to stare at their footwear, but Sad Day For Puppets are happily unpredictable. Lead singer Anna Eklund is just, well, happy as she chats briefly to Wears The Trousers from a rehearsal studio in downtown Stockholm. Her heavily accented voice dents the background rumble of the rest of the band practicing: “Allo there, Anna here”. She’s breathing hard, having just run from the studio to answer my call, and as she catches her breath I get down to the real cutting edge issues…like, what’s with the band name Anna?

“Ah yeah it’s from some kind of TV show!” she enthuses in deliciously broken English. “Er, was it maybe ‘Saturday Night Fever’ or something? I’m not really sure. It comes from the guy who writes the lyrics and the melodies [band founder Martin Källholm]; he saw some TV show and there was a special episode including two puppets and they were arguing a lot, and then somebody else said ‘this is a sad day for puppets’. I don’t really remember the details…sorry.” Thank goodness for Google then, which reveals that the line was spoken by Barry Bostwick’s Mayor in an episode of Michael J Fox vehicle ‘Spin City’ in an episode entitled ‘Gobble The Wonder Turkey Saves The Day’.

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