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peaches: i feel cream (2009)


I Feel Cream ••••

Nine years ago The Teaches Of Peaches turned a whole generation of unsuspecting electro kids into unbridled polysexual slaves, overseen by a stripped-down schoolteacher in spandex with a shock of mad curly hair and a penchant for covering her deviant following in mouthfuls of spat-out fake blood. Oh, and all of this while rapping some of the dirtiest rhymes ever written and throwing in facial hair, lots of balls and, reassuringly, a sense of humour. Peaches came to us like a much needed kick in the crotch, as fierce and disturbing as the result of Sandra Bernhard and Madonna put in the Brundlefly machine along with the entire cast of the ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’.

For an artist that arrived on the ill-fated electroclash wagon, Peaches has stuck around and held onto a solid fanbase by diversifying her sound, taking on slightly higher production values on Fatherfucker (well, it wasn’t produced in her bedroom between masturbation and marijuana sessions for starters) and a more conscious rock sound with Impeach My Bush. Undeniably provocative, Peaches is not an act that one could necessarily call broadly appealing and three albums worth of titty suckin’ and skittle diddlin’ can be exhausting stuff for even the most hardened of fans. Impeach My Bush notably showed signs of desperation in its unrelenting, frantic need to try out different styles while holding onto the message of sexual empowerment. Now it’s time for our fourth bite of the Peach and I Feel Cream finds her in esteemed company with production mainly from Simian Mobile Disco’s James Ford and contributions from Drums Of Death, Soulwax and Digitalism.

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