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Here’s the second part of our albums of the decade countdown, running from #75–51.

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Róisín Murphy

[EMI, 2007]

Of all the critical droolfests that failed to ignite on the commercial front this decade, Róisín Murphy’s second solo album is among the most inexplicable damp squibs. The ex-Moloko frontwoman may have shed the avant-garde experimentalism of her solo debut Ruby Blue in favour of full-on disco diva mode, set against a backdrop of thumping, shimmering state-of-the-art production, but it seems the world wasn’t ready to accept even Murphy’s toned down personality quirks. That’s a real shame for although Overpowered is not without its flaws, there is a sense of playful grandeur here that can easily toe the line with Goldfrapp at their most teasing.

Chris Catchpole

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diamanda galás launches monthly new music scheme
July 29, 2009, 10:08 am
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290709_diamandagalasFirst track available now

Renowned for her eviscerating live shows, one-of-a-kind performer Diamanda Galás has started up a new monthly venture in which she will release a new body of work called the Cleopatra Set one track at a time through her official website. Billed as “a collection of the most electrifying, previously unreleased performances and exceptional re-interpretations”, the songs will be made available as high quality WAV files priced at $2 each. The first track is available now. Taped at an April 2008 performance at the Cité de la Musique Concert Hall in La Villette, Paris, Diamanda’s version of Ronnie Earl’s ‘A Soul That’s Been Abused’ certainly fits the above description.

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diamanda galás: guilty guilty guilty (2008)
June 23, 2008, 12:08 am
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Diamanda Galás
Guilty Guilty Guilty •••

There’s nothing like starting a review with a non-sequitur, so here’s one for you: ‘guilty’ is one of those words that rapidly loses its meaning when you repeat it, don’t you think? Go on, try it: guiltyguiltyguiltyguilty…by the fourth or fifth repetition you may as well be singing Pleiadian backwards for all the sense it makes.

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