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jolie holland: the living & the dead (2008)
October 29, 2008, 12:25 pm
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Jolie Holland
The Living & The Dead ••••

“Listen my friends and I’ll tell you a story…” sings Jolie Holland on ‘Corrido Por Buddy’, the second track on the Texas-born singer-songwriter’s fourth solo album, The Living & The Dead. Continuing her search for herself, Holland battles the fairly typical demons of relationships and the daily struggle to keep on keeping on, but what sets her apart from everyone else is that she makes you want to love her; it’s an auditory cycle of courtship, candlelight, and a swift kick on the ass as she sends you packing once again. In ‘Love Henry’, you even believe that she is the one standing with knife in hand and “murdering mortal he”. Somewhere in all her anger, there is a longing for calmness and stability. Jolie’s characters – or herself, depending on your perspective when it comes to the idea of an authorial fallacy – are, at their core, normal girls wanting a normal life which it seems no one will provide.

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