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Did one of the Uh Huh Her girls do something to make you angry? I loved the new album. Lyrics do need some work, but melodies, vocals and instrumental layering of sounds, rhythms, etc. were excellent in my opinion. Good thing that music, like art, is in the ear/eye of the beholder.

Comment by D. Gutierrez

to be fair, Uh Huh Her arent really very good and theres only one reason they packed their gig at Koko and it wasnt the music.

Comment by oimee

Dear sir or madam, i am writing to you to ask if i wouyld be able to use one of the images from your website for my G.C.S.E. I.C.T coursework.
Hope to hear from you soon,, yours sincerely
Jacob Collins from the Howard school

Comment by Jacob

Hello guys and girls. Really enjoyed finding your site today. Nice work. I put a post on my music blog about you, very similar theme, but I write less words :) Respect.

Comment by Sean

What a great website – I’m glad I found you.

Lois, Brighton

Comment by Lois Ellett

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what a negative little website your running here…

Comment by TRICKard

Just found your website and really like the music you’re featuring, which UK stores carry the magazine?

Comment by Sinead

great content! do you have any hard copies left of the issue with the £D style cover art?

Comment by oimee

i meant 3D


Comment by oimee

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