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this is the truncated version of what we’re about.
our new website launches November 2009.

what is wears the trousers? A print and online magazine established in May 2005 that doffs a jaunty-angled cap to its US cousins and takes a resolutely Anglocentric peek at the world of women in music. Updated daily, we round up all that is new, essential and exciting about the contribution of women worldwide to the music industry.

so you’re firebreathing man-haters? No. Some of us are men. We’re just bored of the majority of the music press who seem to fail to realise that “credible” music is not naturally a male thing, just actively produced as such in line with some ancient misconception based on the belief that what constitutes a correct or incorrect behaviour for a woman is different to that of a man. We believe that female musicians still go under-represented in the media, and this is our way of celebrating their music.

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good 4 u sista!

Comment by hoh

I love writing music reviews but don’t have many places to send them at the moment! Could you help please? ;-)I attend a lot of gigs in South Wales so could cover all that’s Cymru for you!
Thanks a lot,

Comment by Lisa Derrick

[…] Blog, das mir persönlich diese Woche gut gefallen hat ist wearsthetrousers.com. Das Online-Magazin featured ausschließlich Musikerinnen und bildet damit einen guten Gegenpol zur Endlosschleife in […]

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i am loving what you are doing!
Could I get involved somehow?

This is what i do:


and the most recent show:


It would be great if we could maybe do something together? Open for any ideas!

Have to run to the radio now, my radio show is starting in less then one hour, but hope i’ll hear from you..Please contact me ;-)!!


Comment by jelena aka babymonster

btw , the link on the first blog are old ones..the website changed in the meantime.
the ones on the second blog are ok.


Comment by jelena aka babymonster

where can i buy this publication – looks brilliant

Comment by chaz11

You can order a copy of issue seven here and we’ll send it to you in the post:

Comment by Wears The Trousers magazine

Hi! I’m an aspiring music writer and I completely agree about women being under-represented in today’s media. I’d love to write some pieces for you! I already contribute to a couple of music websites, here’s my blog if you’d like to have a little look :) http://themusicboxblog.wordpress.com/

Thanks x


Comment by sayhikatherine

Hi. I’m trying to find a link on your site to the CD of the Odetta aldum but can only find the download option. I was given the CD for Xmas and it’s great, but I now want to buy it for someone else. Any clues?

Comment by Jane Anger

hi Jane. Thanks for your interest in the CD. You can get a copy through http://wearsthetrousers.bigcartel.com/products


Comment by Wears The Trousers magazine

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