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Patty Larkin

[Signature Sounds; March 8]

To celebrate 25 years in the music biz, Patty Larkin got 25 of her friends to help sing 25 of her favourite songs from her extensive back catalogue. And what friends they are! Shawn Colvin, Suzanne Vega, Rosanne Cash, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Dar Williams, Erin McKeown, Janis Ian and Jonatha Brooke are just some of them, artists Patty says she has “admired and been inspired by…Renegades and troubadors, humorists and historians, these are singers who have stopped me in my tracks and made me aware of beauty and passion and joy.” The guests were sent ‘live’ acoustic studio recordings of Patty’s songs over which they sang and played their own parts then mailed the recordings back to her. “Every package that came back was like a message in a bottle.  Something exotic and wonderful, and new. A surprise,” says Patty. “It often brought tears to my eyes to hear their voices with mine, to listen to their musical minds at work creating beauty. It has made me grateful and humble, ready to listen – to begin again.”

01 Lately [feat. Martin Sexton]
02 Only One [feat. Jonatha Brooke]
03 Open Arms [feat. Bruce Cockburn]
04 The Cranes [feat. David Wilcox]
05 Closest Thing [feat. Rosanne Cash]
06 Hallelujah [feat. Shawn Colvin]
07 Coming Up For Air [feat. Jennifer Kimball]
08 Tango [feat. Lucy Kaplansky]
09 You & Me [feat. Willy Porter]
10 Brazil [feat. Chris Smither]
11 Island Of Time [feat. Cheryl Wheeler]
12 Cupid’s Knee [feat. Catie Curtis]
13 Home [feat. Birdsong At Morning]

01 Pablo Neruda [feat. Suzanne Vega]
02 Beautiful [feat. Erin McKeown]
03 Booth Of Glass [feat. Peter Mulvey]
04 Good Thing [feat. Dar Williams]
05 Deja Vu [feat. John Gorka]
06 Inside Your Painting [fear. Merrie Amsterburg]
07 Chained To These Lovin’ Arms [feat. Mary Chapin Carpenter]
08 Italian Shoes [feat. Janis Ian]
09 Here [feat. Greg Brown]
10 St. Augustine [feat. Beppe Gambetta]
11 Lost & Found [feat. The She-Las]
12 I’m Fine [feat. The Nields]

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