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[updated] free music friday: marissa nadler
February 12, 2010, 8:33 pm
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Marissa Nadler
‘I Love My Man’ [demo]

UPDATE: You can now download the finished version of ‘I Love My Man’ from Pitchfork as a preview of the forthcoming Amnesty International benefit album Peace, an epic compilation curated by Buffet Libre and featuring artists from 56 countries around the world. It’s available from March 1. Read all about it here.

When Wears The Trousers interviewed Marissa Nadler for our issue 7 feature, we asked her whether her music was becoming a bit less deathly considering that her newest release Little Hells had a noticeably lower body count than previous albums, which she thought was pretty funny. “Lately I have been writing tonnes of songs, and they are all about situations and about living people,” she reassured us. A few months later we started hearing of a new romantic element to Marissa’s latest compositions, and rumours that the general feel of the next record might in fact be more lovestruck than lovelorn.

Over the last week or so, followers of Marissa on Twitter have been treated to an exclusive listen to a demo of a new song with the working title ‘Love Song 2’, so we thought we’d pass it on to the rest of you. All the hallmarks of Marissa’s unique sound are there, even in this simple home recording, with beautifully finger-picked acoustic guitar and that spectral, timeless voice, but it’s easy to imagine how it might come alive with a full band studio treatment if it ever gets one. The lyrics tell of spiritually uplifting visits to old burial grounds and New England towns with a man the narrator loves “like I was your darling wife”. But it’s not all sweet nothings. It gets a bit existentialist towards the end as Marissa sings (I think), “Farewell then world, I’ve had enough of thee / and now I’m careless, wilt thou save me?” – all in all, a very promising glimpse at what might be to come. MP3 after the jump

FREE MP3: Marissa Nadler, ‘Love Song 2’ [demo]

visit Marissa on Myspace


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We love the song. Great!

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