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free music friday: vivian girls
February 5, 2010, 1:41 pm
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Vivian Girls
‘He’s Gone’ (The Chantels cover)

Like thick strawberry milkshakes, palm trees and old, worn-in denim, Vivian Girls make us feel good. Their sunny dazes send us into reverie, erroneously reminiscing on the best times of our lives. ‘He’s Gone’, the B-side of forthcoming single ‘My Love Will Follow Me’, is an a cappella cover of The Chantels’ 1957 hit, appropriately recalling the softer side of a style that Vivian Girls are giving a modern-adolescent update, shoving some retro classic down the throats of every teenager who’s cool enough to listen. And it’s very feminine. And we love it. Locking together, the three girls’ voices walk as one, drifting precariously into American suburban chic, each one rebelling and swaying but eventually getting drawn back into the wave of sweet, sweet noise. The song itself is a good choice too. The lyrics and minor-sounding harmonies echo the darker elements of the band when armed with their instruments, dripped in gloomy nihilism and surf-punk garage rock. Live, this song is even more of a dream, as if summer has come very, very early. MP3 after the jump.

FREE MP3: Vivian Girls, ‘He’s Gone’

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This was incredible when they performed at Hoxton Bar last week: one of our photographers got some amazing pics as they were all singing together around one microphone. Epic swoon.

Comment by thegirlsare

I saw your pics. Really nice!

Comment by Wears The Trousers magazine

Was such a good show, non? I was totally blown away. With Veronica Falls too. Lovely jubb.

Comment by thegirlsare

so I hear! Charlotte was all over those review tickets so I sat this one out. hopefully I’ll catch them next time. love Veronica Falls. We had them for a Free Music Friday last summer: http://wearsthetrousers.com/2009/08/07/free-music-friday-veronica-falls/ <- love this tune.

Comment by Wears The Trousers magazine

Aces! This has quite made my day… Beachy Head is my second favourite.

Comment by thegirlsare

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