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free music friday: smoosh
February 5, 2010, 11:42 am
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‘We Are Our Own Lies’

By drawing out an unexpectedly saccharine centre from their music for 2006’s Free To Stay, sisters Asya and Chloe took a step toward a brave new world of polished electro-pop. By sanding down the rougher edges of their debut, their notably smoother second offering was a bold statement that they gave not two hoots for speculation that their age would dictate the level of polish they were capable of. Yet whereas on that album the pair never strayed too far from their comfort zone, on comeback single ‘We Are Our Own Lies’ Smoosh have taken one giant leap into strange territory. And an epic landscape it is too. Exploring a mass of new tricks on her keyboard, Asya has created an emotionally complex mix of sweeping, tragic, synthesised strings and ticklish piano while Chloe reigns in her formerly chaotic drumming to set a defiant, militant beat that perfectly offsets her elder sister’s spine-tingling arrangement. The piece is rounded out by an unexpected development of Asya’s vocals, which now swoon from the poetry of Bjork to the effeminate theatrics of Silverchair’s Daniel Johns. It’s a delight to see the band shatter all expectations so elegantly, and bodes well for the soon-to-be-released new album, Widdershins.

FREE MP3: Smoosh, ‘We Are Our Own Lies’

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Great review! I am a huge fan, and a friend of the band…One criticism–The strings are not synthesized…those are real strings, played by Phil Peterson & Victoria Parker, although I think they are augmented by Asy’s synth as well

Comment by Phill

thanks for the info. I’m sure you appreciate how hard it can be to tell the difference sometimes!

Comment by Wears The Trousers magazine

Yes, being a keyboard player myself I completely understand…and it wasn’t really meant as a criticism(I know I said it was, sorry), just an FYI…great review of a great song by a great band…

Comment by Phill

I think I object to Chloe’s drumming being called “chaotic”. Powerful, yes. Intense, yes. Would you call John Bonham “chaotic”?

Comment by The Old Guy

I don’t know, maybe. I assure you, it was meant in the most positive manner.

Comment by Wears The Trousers magazine

Are you comparing this girl to Bonzo?

Great review, by the way.

Comment by anna

Yes! I have compared her to him many times! She is a great drummer…you should see her live, you’ll understand

Comment by Phill

I have seen them live, at the Knitting Factory in 2007. Chloe is good, she seems to practice every day, but in no way does the have the grace or the skills of John Bonham. She seemed to enjoy bashing her cymbals more than anything. Don’t get me wrong, I love Smoosh songs, but there really isn’t much of a comparison.

Comment by anna

Yes, I too would make that comparison. Every bit as intense as Bonzo. I saw them in ’08 and was blown away.

Comment by The Old Guy

Chloe’s drumming always reminded me of Janet Weiss of Sleater-Kinney more than anyone else.

That’s not a condescending ‘girl drummer’ comment by the way – Janet’s my favourite drummer of… well, anyone really.

Comment by Adam

Well, she has sited Janet as one of her biggest influences…They are all fans of Sleater-Kinney

Comment by Phill

Hey! Great review. I love Smoosh! Heard them on Pandora a few years back, and have been waiting for the new goodies! Rock on, girls!!

Comment by Kaya

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