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say hello, again, to poe
February 1, 2010, 10:31 am
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In the big book of music industry horror stories, which seems to grow ever larger by the week, the tale of Annie Danielewski, best known as singer-songwriter Poe, will surely go down as one of the most frustrating. Having made a name for herself with two strong albums, 1995’s Hello and 2000’s Haunted, the artist seemingly vanished in a thick fog of cryptic messages that hinted at a great underlying trouble with the suits. Now re-emerging ten years later with the promise of new material on the horizon, Poe is finally in a position to shed more light on what has kept her under wraps throughout the ’00s. “What I would say, in a nutshell, is very short and sweet: Myself as an artist was purchased as if a slave by a Texas oilman,” she told Spinner last week. “I have not gone a day without doing music. I’ve just done it anonymously. It’s not like I haven’t been playing – I’ve played parties and this and that – but anything that was way under the radar. I lived like an illegal immigrant for 10 years. I couldn’t make any money, couldn’t do anything.”

Last week, for the first time since her disappearance, Poe played live in public as part of a Haiti benefit in Los Angeles, re-teaming with her original Hello-era band for a three-song set of old material, including hit single ‘Angry Johnny’. “It feels good to be playing again. The fact I can shortly be doing this with new material is pretty damn exciting,” she says. And while she won’t play new material tonight, she does say, “I’m not gonna give a firm deadline, but within the next month or so we’ll create a release date for something new.” Exciting news for Poe fans, and she promises that it will have been worth the wait to find out what really happened. “I could give you 10 years of facts and figures, but my job as an artist is to show you the footprints that were left on my soul,” she says. “And that I can show you in music, so the best recount of really what transpired is ultimately in these songs.”

Alan Pedder


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