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free music friday: lail arad
January 29, 2010, 8:02 pm
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Lail Arad
‘Who Am I?’

Despite having been born in London, where her music has gradually gathered a devoted following, Lail Arad’s Israeli heritage and a childhood rooted in ceaseless creativity has given her what she calls a “slightly outsiders perspective” that informs her folk-pop creations with an enjoyably skewed lyrical sensibility. Yet her songs are wry and laconic in a very British way; often funny, even when elaborating on some of life’s grimmer experiences, they sparkle alternately with bewilderment and an endearing directness. ‘Who Am I?’, the first taste of Lail’s forthcoming debut Someone New, falls into the latter camp with its matter-of-fact tale of a former hippie lured into the glitzy world of rich men and glamorous fake friends to the point where she’s becoming almost unrecognisable to herself (“She catches her reflection in a glass of pink champagne / and she wonders ‘who am I?'”) Constructed around a light, jaunty acoustic guitar line, a loping drum beat kicks in as electric guitar, keyboard and brass flourishes flesh out the song to a fully formed deconstruction of a farcical ascent into high society. MP3 after the jump.

FREE MP3: Lail Arad, ‘Who Am I?’

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Comment by milli

i love this song…!!! and the vid is great too….. good luck to you….. x

Comment by kay formentera

Love it! Can’t wait to see more of your cheeky and clever songs recorded =)

Comment by procrastineur2entrepreneur

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