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free music friday: jewel
January 29, 2010, 6:54 pm
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‘What You Are’ [demo]

That Jewel Kilcher still seems to think she represents the everywoman just as she did back in her living in her car, coffee shop troubadour days is as endearing to some as it is intensely irritating to others. Fifteen years on from the earnest (and some might say naïve) folk-pop of her gazillion-selling debut album Pieces Of You, new song ‘What You Are’ finds her singing yet again about young girls and boys who just don’t feel like they fit in. “Those girls no more have to try to be beautiful than a star has to try to shine. Water knows how to fall, and if we sit for a moment, we know all the answers if we just look down deep,” she writes on her blog, explaining her inspiration for writing the song. “I see men and women who are worried they aren’t strong enough to face a hardship in their lives. But we are born that strong – a rock doesn’t have to be taught how to hold its ground, and birds just know how to fly. We were born perfect with everything we need. Even if we didn’t get enough love as kids, even if we are scarred by years of hurt – we can still peel all that away to reclaim the nature of our natural state. We are enough. You don’t have to try to be bright, or try to be brave, you already are what you are. Light just knows how to fill a room, and so do you.”

This peeling away of unnecessary layers is a principle that Jewel might do well to apply to her music, which has, in recent years, been choked by studio production slicker than an oil spill. To an extent, she started this process on last year’s children’s album Lullaby, a record that, when it worked, played to many of her strengths. Co-written with Dave Berg, ‘What You Are’ is earmarked for her next studio album, so it’ll be interesting to see just how much this rough, home-recorded demo is altered, to see how much Jewel will practise what she’s preaching. Read her thoughtful letter in full here. MP3 after the jump.

FREE MP3: Jewel, ‘What You Are’ [demo]

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