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incoming: the pack a.d.
January 26, 2010, 9:39 am
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The Pack a.d.
we kill computers

[Mint; April 26]

Fresh from blowing us away with the bluesy rattle and hum of their 2008 debut Tintype and its lightning fast follow-up Funeral Mixtape (released just 8 months later), The Pack a.d. threw themselves even deeper into touring, clocking up an impressive 157 shows in 2009 alone. Those prolific, ragged and gutsy performances feed directly into album #3, we kill computers, in that it’s all about volume, kinetics and electricity, with a healthy dose of lyrical misanthropy. As you’d expect from a band with such unapologetic tendencies towards Luddism, the album was recorded live off the floor to analogue tape at Hive Studios in Vancouver, with engineer Jesse Gander on hand to capture the energy of their live shows. Probably not one to play on your laptop.

01 Deer
02 Everyone Looks Like Everyone
03 Crazy
04 1880
05 Math, the stars
06 Big Anvil
07 Cobra Matte
08 B.C. is on Fire
09 They Know Me
10 K Stomp
11 Catch
12 The Slow Down
13 The Last Martian

The Pack AD website
Label website


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