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free music friday: golau glau
December 11, 2009, 8:02 am
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Golau Glau

According to their politely uninformative blog, Golau Glau are “an anonymous group of people who collectively create silverpop”. The rather romantic secrecy is intended to keep listeners focused on the music, although their recent interview with Neu! Magazine gave away a snippet of biographical information, revealing that they are in fact a duo, originally from Wales but now living in Yorkshire. They also gave an insight into their bandname: ‘Golau’ (light) is easily translated, whereas ‘Glau’ is messier and less clear. Say the band, “‘Glaw’ is rain, usually, though we take it as part of our name’s meaning too because in some dialects it is ‘glau’. ‘Glau’ can mean ‘quickly’ or ‘rapid’ and some say ‘audible’. Whizz all that up together with the sounds of the words. It gives you a sense of what we’re about and where we’re from.”

To celebrate both the festive season and their band’s half-birthday, the duo have made ‘Foolstide’ available for free, complete with a B-side (‘A Tragic Error’), artwork for both songs and a song sheet which they urge you to “print out on both sides of one bit of paper and go a-wassailing in your neighbourhood”. ‘Foolstide’ takes inspiration from the Puritans’ banning of Christmas for 13 years in the 17th century. and has suitably baroque/Elizabethan motifs in its layers of bells, subtle electro modulations and airy choral vocals, a perfect antidote to all the usual, radio-hogging Christmas earache. MP3 after the jump

FREE MP3: Golau Glau, ‘Foolstide’

visit Golau Glau on Myspace


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