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leona lewis: echo (2009)
November 18, 2009, 10:24 am
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Leona Lewis
Echo ••••

As another series of ‘X Factor’ ekes towards its conclusion and inevitable Christmas number one, another alumnus returns to remind the contestants what a little luck and lot of savvy marketing can get them. While some might view the recent chart successes from 2008 winner Alexandra Burke and mentor Cheryl Cole as having upstaged Leona Lewis’s comeback a little, the North Londoner has one thing that neither possess. For all Burke’s blasting and Cole’s ambitious wheeze, they can’t come close to her supple and powerful voice, or the impeccable control with which she wields it. Coupled with an extremely photogenic face and a sanguine, pleasant personality, Lewis has become one of British pop’s brightest stars, not least by virtue of having achieved the holy grail of pop: success in America.

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