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free music friday: allison crowe
November 13, 2009, 1:19 pm
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fmf_allisoncroweAllison Crowe
‘Going Home Tonight’

Giggly Canadian pianist Allison Crowe has powered her way through several albums and numerous tours in the last six years, pitching her gigantic voice into the ether where its reverberations are probably amassing into one enormous square-wave of sound big enough to blow a hole right through an iceberg. Her fifth studio album Spiral is due early next year and finds Allison collaborating with LA-based producer/composer Kayla Schmah on a dozen-strong collection. The culmination of a decade-long friendship, Schmah is bringing to the album the lush orchestration that Crowe has been seeking since penning some of these songs during a 2007-08 creative spurt that saw her develop two albums’ worth of material. Some of those songs ended up on 2008’s Little Light, without orchestration, and some will make it onto Spiral alongside newer songs and, as is always the case with Allison, a selection of covers. This unfinished version of ‘Going Home Tonight’, a Crowe original, is a swelling, emotional ballad cloaked in strings that are rich enough to carry and accentuate the voice. It could possibly do without the slightly cheesy electric guitar though; something to consider for the final mixing maybe. MP3 after the jump.


FREE MP3: Allison Crowe, ‘Going Home Tonight’

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Very fun – and informed – post, thank you ( :

As one who serves Allison Crowe, (as manager), may I assure you, Alan, and all WTT’s audience, that Allison will only use her super-powers for good.

The ability to break up ice floes and fields, for example, can be vitally beneficial come Springtime here in parts of Canada.

enjoy – best’, Ad

Comment by Adrian

I see my favorite manager found my favorite music blog. Allison and Adrian have been incredibly supportive of music blogs, and I’m so happy to see her gorgeous music receiving more attention.

Comment by muruch

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