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mi & l’au: good morning jokers (2009)
November 4, 2009, 10:14 am
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Mi & L’au
Good Morning Jokers ••
Borne! / Acuarela

Imagine a stranger without a name entering a city in an unknown country during the night. Autumn is everywhere around; the fallen leaves smell wet and the wind is soft but threatening to get stronger and sharper. Packed in a thick coat, our stranger walks through streets illuminated by cold artificial light; the few people around are passing by silently and the city seems to be sleeping in a frozen dream. Hoping to see something familiar, the stranger enters a dimly lit bar. On a stage at the back of the room, sparks of soft light fall on a beautiful blonde woman whispering sweet words into a mic as an inconspicuous man picks away gently at an acoustic guitar beside her. They look so far away from this bar in their minds, somewhere in their own world, and the tones arising from them are just an echo of that odd faraway space. Both have closed eyes, standing silent and smart, synchronised by something unseen but heard in every second of their songs. The stranger sits down in the corner beneath a fug of smoke, and as nothing is changing and stays static, they dive deeper and deeper into the sofa and finally fall asleep. Like everyone else around them.

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