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free music friday: danielle spencer
October 30, 2009, 2:38 pm
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fmf_daniellespencerDanielle Spencer

After releasing her debut album White Monkey in 2001, Australian singer-songwriter Danielle Spencer dropped out of the public eye to concentrate on family life. Eight years later, she’s back with a new album Calling All Magicians, helmed by legendary David Bowie producer Tony Visconti and described as “thirteen stories of observations and experiences”. It’s hard to imagine what else inspires music other than observation or experience, but the songs are certainly heartfelt. The choral voices, spoken lyrics and string-heavy beginning of ‘Citizen’ has an air of Rasputina, but this swiftly turns around into a hodgepodge of styles. The sound is layered and changes pace frequently, making it tricky to get a hold on. The combination of sweet vocals and dense bass harks back to European metal bands like Drain STH and Lacuna Coil, but this is far friendlier. Spencer’s voice is adequately honeyed and the production values are high, but the song seems to build to a crescendo which never arrives. Calling All Magicians is out in January. MP3 after the jump.

FREE MP3: Danielle Spencer, ‘Citizen’

visit Danielle on Myspace

‘Wish I’d Been Here’


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Voice, faint, squeaky, songs are intended for some one who cares, lyrics inane, choice of back-up music poor

Comment by Leona

Leona, music is written by people who care for people who care. If you don’t care, then music can’t really ‘speak’ to you.

Comment by Mystery

Sorry but since when are people not allowed to give their opnion? I agree with Leona, not liking her voice or songs.

Comment by Imra


Comment by Nicole Kidman

Simply terrible!

Comment by Nicole Kidman

I like the changes throughout this song. I hate repetition and these changes keep you wanting to listen for what’s coming next. The changes relate to the frequent changes that accompany human emotions. I like Danielle’s soft, ethereal voice. I’d like to hear more from this artist.

Comment by satex

I liked the song, I thought it seems more positive than any other artists I’ve heard in the past. If Danielle Spencer’s CD was to be sold here in the U.S. I’d most likely would buy it.

Comment by norine czarnowczan

Not good, nothing special there. Not surprised since decade old – and so far: only – debut CD was a big flop and sounded just like this.

Comment by Imra

Goodness,I don’t know what to say. I did like the video before this one that her husband produced I think..not sure. with her playing the grand piano on a moutain? But still the songs are sound alike..
All of her songs sound alike to us…and it is like from the early 80’s or something??? could be mve, I do not know…like phycodelic ..weird sounds.
Yes, her voice is very faint, very sweet and soft… and you can tell a very gentle spirit.
I really loved her much much more as an actress though. She is very very good…I sure wish she would act in more movies.
She is a good songwriter …like poetry –
PS: I really do not think that Nicole Kidman wrote the two above…not at all…they are all friends..and she would never ever do that.

Comment by bikerworldcom

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Reminds me of music from the Art or Progressive Rock movement in the 70’s. Amazing voice – light, but extremely versatile – refreshing, really, considering nearly all vocalists have been going down the Mariah Carey road for last 15 years. There can be more than one kind of singing style, and should be. I hope this becomes available in America. I like her style.

Comment by Dawn

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