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free music friday: frankie rose & the outs

fmf_frankieroseFrankie Rose & The Outs
‘Thee Only One’

News about Frankie Rose’s departure from Crystal Stilts earlier this week to pursue fresh pastures with all-girl backing band The Outs had Wears The Trousers swooning with excitement, and until now we were making do with the one lonely number posted on the band’s newly established MySpace, a very special early demo of ‘Where Do You Run To’ from Frankie’s days as a founder member of Vivian Girls. But no more! Following up on the promise of a 7” single release on Slumberland Records at the end of this month, eager would-be fans can now get some audio gratification with a free download of A-side ‘Thee Only One’ (its flipside companion ‘Hollow Life’ is now up on Myspace for our listening pleasure while we wait for the covetable vinyl to arrive).

At just under two and half minutes long, ‘Thee Only One’ is what pretty much what you’d expect from this talented lo-fi composer. A lush garage-pop number with a surfy bridge solo wedged into the thick, uptempo chords, reverb and vibrating bass, it’s really a logical extension of Frankie’s earlier sound in Vivian Girls, though she’s miles away from that band’s brasher, punkish vocals. There’s a subtle, soulful contour to the choruses and hook, melting a little Spector-ish soul into the doo-wop harmonies. An enjoyable start that works well in tandem with the choir-like, almost elegiac sounds of ‘Hollow Life’, we’ve got high hopes for this band. MP3 after the jump.

FREE MP3: Frankie Rose & The Outs, ‘Thee Only One’ [via Pitchfork]

visit Frankie Rose & The Outs on Myspace


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