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introducing evy for the kill
October 8, 2009, 12:55 pm
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voice on the verge #40: evy for the kill

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It’s always a relief to go to a gig where the support act shines through and grabs some of the limelight for themselves, not just persevering through a 30 minute set for people probably not there specifically to see them but really using the opportunity to woo over an unsuspecting crowd. Some time ago, Wears The Trousers caught Dutch singer-songwriter Gitta doing exactly that at an intimate London show supporting Kelli Ali. Even with a few feedback problems on the night, her earthy, gripping vocals and intimate guitar ballads offered insight into her sweet yet shadowy world and a welcome detour from our own. Last year’s self-released debut EP Confusement Park [hear select tracks here] proved that Gitta’s talents translate just as well in the studio as they do on stage.

Adding another string to her bow, as of this past April Gitta has reinvented herself by revisiting her old-school goth/punk roots and evolving her sound into the full blooded, slightly grittier outfit Evy For The Kill. What we’ve heard of this fledgling project to date indicates that Gitta has successfully managed to keep hold of the wonderfully poetic and intimate feel of her solo work while powering through like all great bands should. Though she’s currently ensconced back in Holland for the time being, we’ve been assured that Gitta/Evy will be back on these shores soon enough. And regardless of which personality she visits us with, we think the best is yet to come from this spirited lady. Get to know her, courtesy of our trusty questionnaire…

* * *

What’s your middle name(s)?

My full name: Birgitta Fenna Theodora de Ridder

What was the last good book you read and how did it affect you?

The last book I read was ‘Alice In Wonderland’ – I love this funny silly world! I think the poetry in it is brilliant, and I wish I could write something like it. I’ll work on it, I promise!!

What is your most loved item of clothing and why is it so treasured?

Do shoes also count as clothing? I think they do!! Well then, it would be my big furry boots!! (I have more pairs that look fairly similar) Especially when it’s summer and people think I am crazy for wearing them, but I LOVE IT!!! (Stinky feet are not so charming though, but fuck that!!)

What’s your earliest memory?

That’s quite a story, but here goes: I haven’t a clue how old I was, but I could talk, and I would always say “noohoo” in this really annoying, whiny tone. It annoyed the shit out of my parents so my dad said, “If you say that once more you’ll be in trouble,” so I wisely kept my mouth shut. But my lovely sister imitated me when my parents could not see us but only hear us, and I got in trouble for it. It always makes me smile thinking of it, because it’s so stupid! There might be some earlier ones, but they’re not as vivid to me….

What did you listen to when you were growing up?

Like most young girls, I listened to whatever was popular in the moment. Seeing as I grew up in the ’90s it wasn’t the best pop music (think boy/girl bands and cheesy pop songs…or even worse, the whole hardcore scene that was huge in Holland). Thank god for my Dad’s music taste though; I remember some Beatles, Stones, Led Zeppelin, Hendrix, Jethro Tull…wow, too many to name because he is one of those music collector geeks.

Which female musicians have most inspired you?

From past to present: Gwen Stefani, Skin, Róisín Murphy, Courtney Love, Regina Spektor, Ane Brun, Joan As Police Woman, PJ Harvey…more more more more.

Who was the first person/band you saw in concert?

I think it was when my mom took me and my sister to go see The Backstreet Boys, haha! Before that it was seeing my grandpa and dad on stage singing opera.

Who was your childhood idol?

Peter Andre (haha, I was so little. Please don’t judge me). After that it was Gwen Stefani.

What were you like at school?

Little short round girl with blue/green hair and dog collars round her neck wearing Marilyn Manson sweaters and Nirvana shirts, spending her time playing songs instead of doing homework.

What would you tell your 18 year old self if you could go back in time?

To work harder and not waste so much time!! Live is too short to just sit around dreaming, just DO IT!

Do you have a tattoo?

Yes, I have three of them. I want more, but just DOTS, because I like ’em. I have some fairy flowery business on my lower back, a lotus treble clef thing on my left underarm and a treble clef hidden behind my left ear (my favourite actually).

What’s the worst job you’ve ever worked and what was so bad about it?

Depends on what you consider bad, but I’ve done quite a lot of work in shops, and cleaning jobs. But being a musician in London I think I would have to do the same to get food on the table anyway. Just for a while, ’til things start rollin’.

What’s your top household tip?

When frying eggs, put a lid on the frying pan, makes it go faster! (When you wanna keep the yellow bit nice and runny…but not have the bottom all black). And a second one: use scissors to cut the chicken. Do wash them afterwards but it is so much easier!!

What did you want to be until you decided to become a musician…if you ever did ‘decide’, that is!

When I was a young girl I said to my mom I wanted to be a bus driver because I didn’t want to go to school… (I thought you didn’t have to go to school to be a bus driver. Please don’t hate me, I was tiny.)

What would you be if you weren’t a musician?


How would you describe your new project in 10 words or less?

Honest, real, intense, dark, bright, loud and quiet and AWESOME.

What kind of person would have sex to your music?

People that listen to good music?! (OMG what a bad answer!) Dude, I wish I knew if anyone has already had sex to my music, I’d find that a very strange thing, hahaha.

What’s your funniest studio memory?

Farting during recordings (good thing you cannot see my face now, it’s turning red). Oh, and saying ’12’ in a stupid Dutch-sounding way because I was confused! My bandmates still tease me about it. I think, though, it can only be funny if you were there…so don’t expect any laughter from my answer.

Have you ever written a song that wasn’t in English?

I tried writing in Dutch, but it’s rubbish! Been writing in English since I was 12. You should see my first bits and pieces; it sucks it does!

If you chanced upon Aladdin’s lamp what three things would you wish for?

I’d wish for a life filled with the joy of playing music and being able to make a living out of it. Also: No hunger, no fucked up people killing each other, all of that… (sounds like a beauty pageant!!). Oh well, politics…sigh…

* * *

Léigh Bartlam


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The lovely Gitta de Ridder! Please come back to Italy soon, we miss youuu! Ah, and don’t forget to take your new Evy EP!!!

Comment by Mr To

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