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free music friday: natureboy
September 25, 2009, 10:59 am
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There was a girl. A very strange, enchanted girl…; actually, there still is, and her name is Sara Kermanshahi. She’s from Brooklyn, of course, and in possession of a searching, powerful voice that’s at once both alien and familiar. We can’t quite put a finger on who she reminds us of – Jana Hunter, a little; maybe Zola Jesus without the heavy distortion and reverb – but Kermanshahi suits a bit of mystery. Together with her backing duo Cedar Apffel and Rory O’Conner, she deals in luxuriously atmospheric, beautifully lyrical songs that swell and climb with clear direction. ‘Pariah’ is a prime example of what’s on offer on Natureboy’s self-titled debut album, self-released back in April. With a lilting melody and seemingly effortless command of mood, its deep yet simple power is totally transfixing. MP3 after the jump.

FREE MP3: Natureboy, ‘Pariah’ [via RCRD LBL]

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i think she tries too hard with her voice, I mean it doesn’t seem to come out organically as if she has tried too hard to become good at singing, not a natural flow or natural gift but an over-training of her voice, so it sounds fake, mechanical. I can always only take a minute of her voice then it becomes too boring and even nauseous but b/c of the situation of women or young girls in Iran as soon as an artist is from Iran or related gets in the spot light. However, I don’t believe she is going anywhere else except expanding her career in singing or music.

Comment by amber

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