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free music friday: lita ford
September 4, 2009, 7:03 am
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fmf_litafordLita Ford

If you thought that last year’s Grace Jones comeback single ‘Corporate Cannibal’ was alarming, prepare yourself for the return of industrial rock icon Lita Ford, back after a 15-year absence with new album Wicked Wonderland, out October 5th. Preview track ‘Crave’ wastes no time in asserting her intention to make you sit up and take notice. Sounding surprisingly (or not surprisingly given the rest she’s had) fresh, she tears over heavy drums and fast, relentlessly grinding metal guitar. The chorus is guaranteed to either get you roaring along or leave you smirking as she snarls away like poor afflicted Linda Blair in ‘The Exorcist’ – “I am the one you want,” she thunders, “I am the one you crave!” – while the daringly OTT electric guitar solo and her demands to see her target naked and shaking his ass could tip the thus far unconverted into fits of giggles. Subtlety is not a focus for Ford. That said, ‘Crave’ passes by with entirely palatable bluster. Like ‘Corporate Cannibal’, it achieves a quite remarkable equilibrium between scary and silly. And as it was with Grace, the return of such an uncompromising female figure to the musical battleground should be toasted. MP3 after the jump.



Wicked Wonderland
01 Crave
02 Piece
03 Patriotic SOB
04 Scream
05 Inside
06 Wicked Wonderland
07 Indulge
08 Love
09 Betrayal
10 Sacred
11 Truth
12 Everything
13 Bed
14 Garden [bonus track]
15 Push [bonus track]


FREE MP3: Lita Ford, ‘Crave’

visit Lita on Myspace


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