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free music friday: girls in trouble
August 21, 2009, 7:10 am
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fmf_girlsintroubleGirls In Trouble
‘I Was A Desert’

Now here’s an interesting concept for an album: the self-titled debut from New York’s Girls In Trouble – aka multi-instrumentalist Alicia Jo Rabins, a prodigious violinist and poet-turned-songwriter – is a song cycle based on the stories of some of the lesser known women in Biblical stories. Everyone knows the story of Moses, for instance, but how many remember the bravery of his sister Miriam who saved his life in the first place? (It’s not for nothing that some Jewish feminists hold her in great esteem.) After two years spent studying ancient Jewish texts in Jerusalem, where Alicia went to escape from the pretensions of an ostentatious New York poetry circuit, she returned to the flashy metropolis with the idea to roll all her interests – poetry, literature and music – into the entity now known as Girls In Trouble. Alicia plays all the guitars and strings on the album herself, backed by a trio of Aaron Hartman of Old Time Relijun on upright bass, Tim Monaghan on drums and Jascha Hoffman on keys and glockenspiel, while the beautifully organic recording was achieved with the help of Scott Solter (St Vincent, Okkervil River).

It’s not immediately clear which woman preview track ‘I Was A Desert’ refers to. Its initial reference to “borrowed seed” suggests that it might be Hagar, an Egyptian slave who, in some retellings, acted as a surrogate for Sarah, wife of Abraham, giving birth to his first son Isaac, but the rest of her story doesn’t quite fit. What we do know is that ‘I Was A Desert’ is a gorgeously uplifting song that sweeps in on an almost tribal drumbeat before unfurling with a lushly orchestrated grandeur of the kind that bands like Ohbijou have become so impressively proficient at. Alicia’s clear and coolly accented vocal capitalises on the song’s melodic pull with an almost carefree air; the narrator knows that she could get in majorly hot water for looking at the man she admires, but she just can’t resist gazing at him while he sleeps. If the rest of the songs are as rousing and stately as this, Girls In Trouble will be a real gem. MP3 after the jump.

FREE MP3: Girls In Trouble, ‘I Was A Desert’

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