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free music friday: el perro del mar

fmf_elperrodelmar2El Perro Del Mar
‘Change Of Heart’

It’s only been a week since we last featured El Perro Del Mar on Free Music Friday, with her remix of fellow Swedish artist Anna Ternheim’s ‘What Have I Done’, but today she’s back with a treat of her own. The nom de guerre of Gothenburg native Sarah Assbring, El Perro Del Mar (Spanish for ‘the dog of the sea’) first made waves in 2004 with a split single with Jens Lekman, and has been honing her own austere brand of disaffected pop ever since. Her latest offering, the seven-track mini-album Love Is Not Pop, was released in Scandinavia back in April and is expected to see a North American release on October 20th. Preview track ‘Change Of Heart’ is an agitated little number masquerading as low-key, melody driven pop. Gentle strumming tweaked with sharp FX guitars meets simple samples and a funk-lite bass behind Assbring’s solemn-ghost vocals, with repetitive hooks and choruses giving the downbeat atmosphere something to anchor to. Artfully arranged, though perhaps a little too lightweight, this is gauzy pop kept tight and sharp with wry panache. MP3 after the jump.

FREE MP3: El Perro Del Mar, ‘Change Of Heart’ [via RCRDLBL]

visit El Perro Del Mar on Myspace

‘Change Of Heart’ [live]

‘Gotta Get Smart’ [live]


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