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free music friday: julianna barwick

fmf_juliannabarwickEl Jefe & The Executive Look
‘The Fountain’

Memorably described by Diplo as making “good new music that sounds like Care Bears making love,” the name of Brooklyn’s Julianna Barwick has been on the digital lips of many a music blog over the past few months following the release of her EP Florine. Wears The Trousers has been very slack in that department (though not in the listening stakes), so let’s make amends with this free MP3 of a strange little side project that Julianna’s been involved in with a selection of NYC indie-rock luminaries. Much like Zooey Deschanel and Von Iva’s Munchausen By Proxy, El Jefe & The Executive Look are a fictional band given life through a new comedy flick called ‘Blondes In The Jungle’, directed by Lev Kalman and Whitney Horn. Described as a “1987 World Beat band…a band, like Devo, that both punks and preps could like,” El Jefe & The Executive Look provide the movie’s entire soundtrack and boasts a revolving cast that variously includes members of Asobi Seksu, Vampire Weekend, Aa and Survival.

‘The Fountain’ is a thickly-layered, virtually a cappella choral duet between Julianna and Aa’s John Atkinson that enchants as much as it disorientates. Anything remotely resembling a hook, like a chorus perhaps, has been banished into the swirling ether. It’s rather lovely, actually. MP3 after the jump.


FREE MP3: El Jefe & The Executive Look, ‘The Fountain’ [via Pitchfork]

visit Julianna on Myspace


‘The Executive Look’


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