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nerina pallot gets a degree, names new album ‘the graduate’
July 19, 2009, 12:42 pm
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190709_nerinapallotDo you see what she did there?

Hard to believe it’s been four long years since Nerina Pallot first released her second album Fires but, let’s face it, it has. What on earth has she been doing? Well, quite a lot it turns out – touring like a woman possessed, getting signed to a major label, getting married, running the London Marathon and studying for a degree in English Literature being the primary preoccupations. The hard work paid off it seems as she now has a first-class honours pass from the University of London, but it wasn’t all smooth sailing, as she revealed in a recent blog post. “I decided to run through my dissertation in my head during the London Marathon (the day before it was due) and re-write a third of it THE MORNING IT WAS DUE. My mother and sister arrived at five in the morning the day of my final final and were involved in a near disastrous domestic incident. I spent my entire holiday having nightmares that I was back at school, in an exam room naked, taking my maths GCSE for the 4th time. (Only one more attempt than it took in real life. I still only got a C.)” 

Brandishing her cherished diploma, Nerina is now working full steam ahead for the release of her upcoming third album, cunningly titled The Graduate, which will be released on October 5th. Nerina is rumoured to have written around 60 songs for the album, including several co-written with others but then booted from the final cut in favour of self-penned material. (If ‘When Did I Become Such A Bitch?’ isn’t on there, we will be cross.) First single ‘Real Late Starter’ arrives a week in advance on September 28th and will be accompanied by a video directed by Marc Klasfeld, previously responsible for the brilliant supermarket food fight promo for breakthrough single ‘Everybody’s Gone To War’. The release will be accompanied by an extensive tour that starts in her native Jersey on September 25th (following a one-off appearance at Solfest in Cumbria next month). Catch her at the following venues:

29.08.09 Solfest, Cumbria
25.09.09 Jersey Opera House, Jersey
06.10.09 The Lemon Tree, Aberdeen
07.10.09 Oran Mor, Glasgow
09.10.09 53 Degrees @ Lancashire University, Preston
10.10.09 Ruby Lounge, Manchester
11.10.09 The Duchess, York
13.10.09 Glee Club, Birmingham
14.10.09 Trinity, Bristol 
17.10.09 The Wharf Arts Centre, Tavistock
18.10.09 Glee Club, Cardiff
20.10.09 Komedia, Brighton
21.10.09 ICA, London
24.10.09 Acorn Theatre, Penzance
25.10.09 Guildhall Arts Centre, Gloucester
27.10.09 The Royal Theatre, Wakefield 
28.10.09 The Waterfront, Norwich 

Alan Pedder


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