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free music friday: beautiful small machines

fmf_beautifulsmallmachinesBeautiful Small Machines
‘Robots In Love’

Beautiful Small Machines were formed after Philadelphian singer-songwriter Bree Sharp and longtime collaborator Don DiLego unanimously agreed to scrap the album they had been working on – Bree’s third solo studio release – in favour of something new. Bree achieved somewhat fleeting success with her ’90s hit ‘David Duchovny’ (“David Duchovny, why won’t you love me?”), whose sci-fi connections via ‘The X Files’ tie in neatly to the futuristic pop route that the duo have taken with Beautiful Small Machines. Describing their new EP, Robots In Love (out this week), as a “sci-fi based fantasy retro-rock pop montage”, it unsurprisingly abounds with deep-space allegories and android dreams.

Title track ‘Robots In Love’ is a perfect slice of easy-listening electro-pop, with Bree’s radio-friendly, MTV-ready vocals backed by a disco soundtrack that sees live drums and classic electric guitar notes cross-bred with snappy electro samples and digital modulations. A messy break-up was the catalyst for the heartbroken lyrics, which take on a deft melancholy once packaged within the sleek, spaceship-smooth production. Despite the robotic fun and clever lyrical puns, this may come over a little too saccharine for some, but if you’re after some harmless, recreational space adventures, then give ‘Robots In Love’ a whirl. MP3 after the jump.


Robots In Love EP
01 Counting Back To 1
02 Robots In Love
03 Superconductor
04 So Long To U
05 Servo Manual Chapter 1 (Mandroids On Whiskey)

FREE MP3: Beautiful Small Machines, ‘Robots In Love’

BONUS MP3: Beautiful Small Machines, ‘Superconductor’

visit Beautiful Small Machines on Myspace


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