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free music friday: olivia broadfield
July 10, 2009, 11:30 am
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fmf_oliviabroadfieldOlivia Broadfield
‘Don’t Cry’

Hailing from Leicestershire, Olivia Broadfield is the latest embodiment of the-girl-done-good as she prepares to release her debut album Eyes Wide Open next week. A budding musician from the age of six, Olivia got her lucky break when an unsolicited Myspace message to producers of MTV’s ‘The Real World’ landed her song ‘Don’t Cry’ on an episode of the show, topping 7000 downloads in the process. The major influence that’s apparent from even just a cursory listen to the song is fellow Brit-girl-done-good Imogen Heap, specifically Frou Frou’s 2002 album Details (“It was so different, and I found it really inspiring. I fell in love with the warmth of electronica,” says Olivia), and bringing things full circle rather nicely is the fact that the other half of Frou Frou, producer Guy Sigsworth, has been singing Olivia’s praises, remarking: “Some singers strike a pose. Some make attention-seeking songs out of gossip-column inanities. Olivia takes you inside her head, and what a wonderful place it is.”

‘Don’t Cry’ balances nursery rhyme segments inspired by her mother with more world-weary lyrics about the temptation to give up and let go, all delivered in a pleasingly breezy manner. Like Heap, her voice is capable of sounding feathery, as if half whispered, and the similarity really is quite striking. It’s all about that nostalgic yearning for simplicity we all experience from time to time. As Olivia explains, “Sometimes you just want to be a kid again and not have to worry about anything, not care what you look like, not care if you fall over and everyone sees you. Kids act completely mental all the time and no one even seems to notice. For better or worse, when you grow up, life becomes complicated.” This isn’t electro-pop in the 2009 sense, viz. Little Boots, La Roux, Lady Gaga, but keep your ears wide open for Olivia. She could yet make a real mark. MP3 after the jump.



Eyes Wide Open
o1 Weight
o2 Don’t Cry
03 Indescribable
04 Holding Onto You
05 Hang On
06 Lost In You
07 Safe
08 Probably Nothing
09 Don’t Let Go
10 Silence
11 Eyes Wide Open
12 Save Me
13 Crashing Down 


FREE MP3: Olivia Broadfield, ‘Don’t Cry’ [via Spinner]


‘Don’t Cry’


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