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free music friday: catherine AD/tara busch

fmf_catherineadCatherine AD
‘Carry Your Heart’ [Tara Busch’s AnalogSuicide mix]

Tara Busch is at it again. Just a few weeks after her genius reworking of the Bat For Lashes hit ‘Daniel’ [here], she’s turned in a typically complex, multilayered remix of recent Catherine AD single, ‘Carry Your Heart’. The second in a series of remixes that Catherine is gathering together for a free EP, it follows last week’s intensely atmospheric Sweet Billy Pilgrim remix of the previously unreleased ‘Hand To The Tide’ (also free to download below) and is every bit as transformative. Described by Catherine herself as “mad as a hat stand: a Disney-shaped hat stand”, Tara has put her bank of analogue organs and synths to good use, cleverly reworking the main keyboard melody with a beautifully simple motif of layered flutes and other goodies, interspersed with various bursts of fizzing synths, a clanging bell and all manner of futuristic squelches beamed in from a galaxy of emptiness. Like paying a visit to the singing roses of Wonderland after a midsummer nap in the poppy fields of Oz, Tara’s distant coos and mutterings are a lovely added touch.

If you’re going to Latitude Festival next weekend, be sure to check out Catherine’s set at the Sunrise Arena on Sunday (July 19th) at 5pm. As for her long-awaited debut album, for which she has enlisted the production skills of Bernard Butler (Suede, Duffy) and Liam Howe (Sneaker Pimps, Marina & The Diamonds), Catherine tells us that she’s halfway there with the recordings so not too much longer to wait. MP3s after the jump.


FREE MP3: Catherine AD, ‘Carry Your Heart’ [Tara Busch’s AnalogSuicide mix]
BONUS MP3: Catherine AD, ‘Hand To The Tide’ [Sweet Billy Pilgrim remix, via Last.fm]

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3 Minutes with Catherine AD


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