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free music friday: thecocknbullkid

‘Clean Apart’

Having made waves among the underground music scene over the last two years, 23 year old Londoner Anita Blay is poised to take her cheekily named pop alter-ego thecocknbullkid global with the release of her debut EP, Querelle, out in the US on August 4th through IAMSOUND Records, current champions of all things British electro-pop. Armed with a laptop and an array of neon accessories and ’80s print outfits, she writes her own material, and frequently, according to her Myspace biography, produces it too. With a sizable amount of support behind her, a mile-wide streak of individuality, plus some killer production from the likes of Santigold collaborators Radioclit and Beyoncé producer Dave McCracken, things look mighty promising for thecocknbullkid. Despite often dwelling on the darker side of life, her catchy, unabashedly pop-tastic tunes are bouncing with feelgood vibes, and the frequent comparisons to Madonna and Kylie are all handy; Anita has a proud admiration for the original Material Girl, and captures that same safe safe-yet-edgy pop sensibiltity that Kylie has honed over the last decade. Produced by Marina & The Diamonds and FrankMusik remixers The Aspirins For My Children, preview track ‘Clean Apart’ is a fab modern-retro dance number that’s not too out there, but lively enough to warrant a happy dance or two. Fuzzed-up, fun-filled electro basslines are carried along on a groovy disco beat, with thecocknbullkid’s vocals somehow sounding both sweet and naughty. MP3 after the jump.



Querelle EP
01 Kiss Kiss Kill
02 Clean Apart
03 Boys & Girls
04 I’m No Sorry 


FREE MP3: thecocknbullkid, ‘Clean Apart’

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‘I’m Not Sorry’


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