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free music friday: milberg

‘It Was The End’

You may know this petite, blonde artist as the talented lead vocalist (replacing Taken By Trees’ Victoria Bergsman in 2006) and original drummer for Swedish pop maestros The Concretes. As well as fronting for the seven-piece band, Lisa Milberg also counts producing, DJing, graphic design and running a record label as arrows in her skilled repertoire. Still very much a part of The Concretes, news of her solo efforts started spilling out into the public eye at the end of last year, much to the excitement of fans. Her Myspace page describes her music as sounding like “a plastic bag stuck in a tree”, a self-negating description if ever there was one, even if it is tongue-in-cheek. While the Milberg project is currently unsigned, a full album has been suggested to appear before the year is out. The contrarily titled ‘It Was The End’ is in fact Lisa’s first completed solo track. A sexy, slow-tempo number, it’s reasonably short at just over the two-minute mark, but its DIY, lo-fi electro stylings are tantalising enough to leave you wanting a little more. MP3 after the jump.

FREE MP3: Milberg, ‘It Was The End’

visit Milberg on Myspace


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