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judee sill tribute album out in september

190509_judeesillMarissa Nadler, Beth Orton, Meg Baird and more contribute

The great Judee Sill revival of 2005 saw record label Asylum finally reissue both of the tragic singer-songwriter‘s long out-of-print albums following wild critical acclaim for Dreams Come True, the brilliant two-disc compilation of previously unreleased material rescued from oblivion by Jim O’Rourke. With the floodgates opened, along came another two-disc compilation, Abracadabra, and a surprisingly vital album of live sessions recorded for the BBC in which Judee’s warm, if slightly self-conscious, stage manner threaded the songs together with some enlightening narrative. With the archives well and truly plundered, the obvious next step was a tribute album and US label American Dust were the ones to pick up the reins with Crayon Angel: A Tribute To The Music Of Judee Sill.

With Sill originals like ‘Jesus Was A Cross Maker’ and ‘Lady-O’ providing much bigger hits for other artists besides Judee, there’s a long tradition of reworking many of these tunes. They’re not included on this compilation but Fleet Foxes often cover ‘Crayon Angel’ in their live sets, and Tara Jane O’Neil recorded a memorable cover of ‘The Phoenix’ for her 2006 EP, A Raveling. We’re looking forward to hearing Marissa Nadler & Black Hole Infinity’s take on ‘The Kiss’, Meg Baird’s ‘When The Bridegroom Comes’ and especially Frida Hyvönen’s version of ‘Jesus Was A Cross Maker’. But where Crayon Angel gets really interesting is with Beth Orton’s ‘Reach For The Sky’ and Bill Callahan’s ‘Like A Rainbow’, both of which are songs for which only Judee’s original sheet music exists – no recordings of either song have been discovered. We’ll have to wait until September 21st to hear them though. Gah! Full tracklist below.



Crayon Angel: A Tribute To The Music Of Judee Sill

01 Ron Sexsmith, ‘Crayon Angel’
02 Beth Orton, ‘Reach For The Sky’
03 Daniel Rossen, ‘Waterfall’
04 Frida Hyvönen, ‘Jesus Was A Cross Maker’
05 Shalants, ‘Lopin’ Along Thru The Cosmos’
06 Final Fantasy, ‘The Donor’
07 Nicolai Dunger, ‘Soldier Of The Heart’
08 Trembling Blue Stars, ‘Lady-O’
09 Colossal Yes, ‘The Phoenix’
10 Marissa Nadler & Black Hole Infinity, ‘The Kiss’
11 Princeton, ‘Down Where The Valleys Are Low’
12 The Bye Bye Blackbirds, ‘There’s A Rugged Road’
13 Meg Baird, ‘When The Bridegroom Comes’
14 Bill Callahan, ‘For A Rainbow’
15 P.G. Six, ‘Til Dreams Come True’

Alan Pedder


‘The Kiss’ [live]


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