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free music friday: juliana hatfield

fmf_julianahatfieldJuliana Hatfield
‘There’s Always Another Girl (For Lindsay Lohan)’

She may have toppled from her perch as promising young actress to languish in the mire as daily tabloid fodder (“She’s too thin!”, “She’s too fat!”, “She’s a lesbian!”), but a seemingly unlikely ally has emerged for fiery-haired ‘Mean Girl’ Lindsay Lohan in none other than indie-rock legend Juliana Hatfield. Actually, it kinda makes sense when you think about it; as documented in last year’s engaging memoir When I Grow Up, Juliana is all too familiar with the weirdness of fame and the downside of the slide away from the spotlight. But what prompted the public show of sororial support that is the funny and sweet ‘There’s Always Another Girl (For Lindsay Lohan)’? Believe it or not, it was watching Lohan’s performance in the critically lambasted flop movie ‘I Know Who Killed Me’ that was semi-epiphanic for Juliana, who, when explaining this new song to Stereogum.com, points out that put all the “gross and nasty” tabloid cheerleading aside, Lohan is actually a very good actress. “Men and women in the entertainment business are treated so differently,” she added. “Women seem to be judged more harshly. I feel it (though I operate in the margins/peripherals). Lindsay must feel it, too. And, so, I feel for her.” Juliana, we love you that much more.

FREE MP3: Juliana Hatfield, ‘There’s Always Another Girl (For Lindsay Lohan)’ [via Stereogum]

BONUS MP3s: check out Juliana’s brand new Daytrotter Session, especially the Rolling Stones cover! [registration required]

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