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marissa nadler week: the collected covers
May 3, 2009, 7:58 am
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For the final day of our Marissa Nadler theme week, we’ve gathered together pretty much all of the covers she has recorded and made available through her blog, some of which aren’t up there any more. We also asked her to give us a little bit of insight into the recording of each one. True to her admission that she rarely covers female musicians, unless specifically asked, here you’ll find songs by classic male singer-songwriters like Townes van Zandt, Bob Dylan, Cat Stevens, John Lennon and Kris Kristofferson, plus more contemporary material by Bright Eyes and Radiohead. 

If you missed them earlier this week you can hear Marissa’s versions of the traditional folk song ‘All My Trials’ and Carole King’s ‘Will You [Still] Love Me Tomorrow’ here and here. As well as our Odetta tribute, Marissa has tracks coming out on two other tribute albums later this year, one in honour of Judee Sill and the other in honour of Elizabeth Cotten. Check her website for updates on those.


Marissa Nadler, ‘Colorado Girl’
[Townes van Zandt cover]

Carter Tanton and I recorded this in my living room. He is playing guitar on this track and singing harmonies. Townes is one of my favourite songwriters and has been for a long time. Carter is my current guitar player for electrics and plays in the fabulous band Tulsa. We had a lot of fun this year harmonising and singing old songs and recording them.


Marissa Nadler, ‘You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go’
[Bob Dylan cover]

This is another home recording. One of my favourite Dylan songs.  We can all relate to the sentiment that this song expresses I think.


Marissa Nadler & Black Hole Infinity, ‘Clairaudients (Kill Or Be Killed)’
[Bright Eyes cover]

Myles Baer (aka Black Hole Infinity), a longtime collaborator, produced this track and plays on it. Originally recorded for Stereogum.com’s Gum Drop.


Marissa Nadler & Black Hole Infinity, ‘No Surprises’
[Radiohead cover] 

One of my favourite Radiohead songs so it was really fun to record it. Myles is playing guitar on this, and produced, mixed and mastered it. Singing the harmonies was my favourite part. Originally recorded for the OK Computer tribute online record for Stereogum.com. [watch the video here]


Marissa Nadler, ‘Jealous Guy’
[John Lennon cover]

Recorded by me. This is one of my favourite Lennon songs. I am not a guy but didn’t want to change the song. I feel the emotions quite deeply in this one.


Marissa Nadler, ‘Trouble’
[Cat Stevens cover]

Home recording by me. I like this song a lot and it was a lot of fun to work on it. I loved that early Cat Stevens stuff after becoming obsessed with ‘Harold & Maude’.


Marissa Nadler, ‘For The Good Times’
[Kris Kristofferson cover] 

A great Kristofferson song about sleeping with your lover or ex-lover, as it appears to be, one last time for the good times. This is a home recording done by me.


Marissa Nadler, ‘Our Mother The Mountain’
[Townes van Zandt cover]

I had a lot of fun trying to maintain the original integrity of the song as well as adding the harmony breakdowns. Recorded this in my apartment at home. Drop D drone going on. Rare to find me strumming as opposed to picking.

* * *

Thanks to Marissa and Kemado Records.


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