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marissa nadler week: videography
May 2, 2009, 11:00 am
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Marissa Nadler is a strong believer in “adding art to art” where music and visuals are concerned, and over the years she’s built up a strong artistic connection with a talented bunch of vibrant, independent filmmakers. The eight videos below have one striking thing in common: Marissa herself does not appear in any of them. In fact, some of the directors she has never even met, such is the generosity of the internet and the inspirational canvases of her stark and emotional songwriting. In Marissa’s own words: “I like not being in the videos because then they become short films, vague memories, and there is not a focus on the superficial T and T and A. There is too much of that in music today I think.”

Earlier this week we premiered the new video for ‘Little Hells’ (the title track of her latest album), in which Marissa briefly appears as an animated version of herself, but she hasn’t ruled out the possibility of starring in the next one. She says she’d like to make a video for ‘Mary Come Alive’ off the new album, in which she would play the titular woman in an unhappy marriage. If she can overcome her shyness that is. “Let’s just call me ‘floor eyes’ from now on,” she laughs.

River Of Dirt (2009)

Directed by Joana Linda; styling by Paulo Guimarães; make-up by Lúcia Luz; hair by Inês Pontes.

Shot in Viana do Alentejo, Portugal (on a very cold day); starring (in alphabetical order): Ágata Pinho, Aya Koretzki, Carloto Cotta, Catarina Mascarenhas, César Ribeiro, Cristina Maurício, Dinis Cotta, Efthymis Angeloudis, Inês Pontes, Joana Linda, Lúcia Luz, Paulo Guimarães, Tiago Manaia.

from the album Little Hells


Famous Blue Raincoat (2008)

Leonard Cohen cover; directed by Greg Eggebeen

from the album Songs III: Bird On The Water


Thinking Of You (2008)

Directed by Jennifer Cox, with many thanks to Clara & Alex.

from the album Songs III: Bird On The Water


Mexican Summer (2008)

Directed by Joana Linda; assistant director Helena Correia; make-up by Lúcia Luz. Starring Ana Moreira and Carloto Cotta.

from the album Songs III: Bird On The Water


Diamond Heart (2007)

Filmed by Alina Smirnova, a Russian-born American artist living and working in Brooklyn. She received her artistic education from Cornell University. Alina works freely within the fields of painting and video and is currently painting an abstract series ranging from the architectonic to the poetic inspired by scrapmetal yards. (www.alinasmirnova.com)

from the album Songs III: Bird On The Water


Bird On Your Grave (2007)

Directed by Joana Linda.

from the album Songs III: Bird On The Water


No Surprises (2007)

Radiohead cover feat. Black Hole Infinity; “an end of summer boat trip sailing on Lake Michigan… souvenirs… memories… away…”; photography by Heather Stone / Kai-Duc Luong

from the album Stereogum Presents… OKX: A Tribute To OK Computer [listen to the whole thing here]


Virginia (2007)

Film concept, direction, capture, and editing by Aubrey Bramble, an experimental filmmaker, writer, and artist based in Florida. Starring Ariana Dominguez.

from the album Ballads Of Living & Dying



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[…] marissa nadler week: videography […]

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