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marissa nadler week: the illustrated little hells
April 29, 2009, 5:00 pm
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Marissa Nadler is best known for her music but she first started out in the fine art world, enrolling at the Rhode Island School of Design to study painting in her late teens. Although she admits to having become disillusioned with the course’s requirement to “intellectualise the fine-art-making premise”, Marissa still continues to make her art works for her personal satisfaction. When Wears The Trousers invited her to submit some of her work to grace the pages of our new issue, she responded generously and sent us all manner of wonderful things. She’s calling them “The illustrated Little Hells” as each one ties in with a particular lyric from the album, and she’s kindly given us permission to put the ones that didn’t make it into our interview spread here for your viewing pleasure. The wax portraits stem from Marissa’s early explorations into the ancient technique of encaustic painting and are especially striking, while the sketches are scanned directly from her private journal. For more information on Marissa’s fine art, visit her website.

wax portraits

"Silvia was a girl..."

"Silvia was a girl..." ('The Whole Is Wide')


"Laila met a man that she loved best"

"Laila met a man that she loved best" ('The Whole Is Wide')



"You were gone and I was gone. And all of the flowers were dead and gone" ('Heart Paper Lover')




"You are a jester, and I am an elf. I am sad to the bones that are stocked upon my shelf." ('River Of Dirt')



"Ghost and lovers, they will haunt you for a while. From the stars and from the sheets and ground." ('Ghosts & Lovers')


 All works copyright of Marissa Nadler.
Please do not reproduce these images without her permission.


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I’m so sad that everything is so clashy on the 6th of May.

Comment by anikainlondon

hey thanks for the great post!

Marissa’s art reflects her songwriting style,
soft, haunting, cold aloneness and so very human.

Comment by robert

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