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last.fm listening stats: week #14
April 15, 2009, 2:05 pm
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Got a last.fm account? Join the Wears The Trousers listening group here. We’ll be publishing details of what members are listening to every week throughout the year.

Week ending 12/04/09

Unique to the group

01 Ane Brun (3)
02 Tori Amos (7)
03 Bat For Lashes (1)
04 PJ Harvey (-)
05 Thea Gilmore (2)
06 Jaymay (-)
07 Kate Bush (-)
08 Emilíana Torrini (-)
09 Eliza Carthy (-)
10 Alela Diane (-) 

Overall charts

01 Bat For Lashes (1)
02 Tori Amos (2)
03 Björk (7)
04= PJ Harvey (2=) 
04= Radiohead (5)
06 Regina Spektor (6)
07 Yeah Yeah Yeahs (2=)
08= Kate Bush (-)
08= Cat Power (-)
10 Emilíana Torrini (-)  

* * *

This week’s stats are based on the compulsive habits of 178 listeners.


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I’m a bit disappointed that my 800 or so Wildbirds plays in the past 2 weeks had no impact on your charts.

Nice to see Ane has regained her throne.

Comment by anikainlondon

haha. I would have liked to see them up there. I think it’s the number of people in the group to play an artist rather than how many times they are played. So whoever’s reading this, get your Snake on!

Ane is pretty much invincible though, let’s face it. You going to the UC again on May 20th?

Comment by Wears The Trousers magazine

Yes I am going for more Ane at Union Chapel! Her February show there is my 4th favourite of the year.

Comment by anikainlondon

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